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27 December, 2008


Today we finally had a party, it covered:
  • Neil's 21st
  • Neil's 30th
  • Neil's 40th
  • The Garage warming
  • The house warming

Still to get the photos together, but it happened, I promise!! The were guests, beer, a spit and everything!

20 December, 2008

Panama food barn

For some reason, Neil's work, which consists of about 3.5 people, feels that it is necessary to have 4 Christmas meals. One lunch with their whole board, one lunch with the chair and the Secretariat, one dinner with the Secretariat and their other halves and a breakfast. These are usually spread over a two week period, but still, I personally think it's a bit over kill. Any way Chirstmas event number 3 this year was at the Panama Dining Room. This is a great big food barn, which is really noisy, half bar, half restaurant. The food was excellent, Neil and I both really enjoyed our meal. We had an extra side dish of Heirloom tomatoes, with was also fantastic. I had a yummy veal meal, Neil had waghu beef. It was a little bit more expensive than I am used to, but really when you think about it, quite good value. Some of our fellow dinners had 'issues' with the service, but given the type of restaurant, I thought it was really very efficient service. The lady was far from cheery but she did her job fairly well.

15 December, 2008


I am now enrolled in my pattern drafting course! I am very excited! It is a whole year long course. It runs, in theory, every Friday. The people running it are changing the way they run their business from now on, and this is the last year they will delver course like this. Also there looks like only being my in the Friday course (they also run a Saturday one) so I can just work with the lady and I might not ending up missing as much work as it first looked like. I am very exciting!

17 November, 2008

Dinner and Beer

I forgot to mention that we went to the Little Creature food hall. It was a little over priced for me (remembering that I am a complete tight arse) there was cider, on tap, and the food we had, whilst not strictly speaking a meal (chips and pizza) was nice, if a bit 'flash' for my taste. I think it's safe for you to go there if you want.

16 November, 2008

Buffy is finnished, again

No, she didn't die, sufficed to say, they all lived happily ever after, mostly... I really like Buffy, no doubt I will watch it all again and still think I haven't seen some of the episodes! Does this need a picture? Ok, here's one:

14 November, 2008

foods I don't like: Peaches

OK, I have tried these again, admittedly only in canned form, but I still don't like them. I can deal with that.
(Still like the song though!)

04 November, 2008

Alphabet cross stitch sampler

It's done. It's fairly plain, but I like it. If anyone every finds one with A is for Apple, B is for Boat, C is for Cat etc. Please let me know, cos I'd love one like that too.
my alphabet cross stitch
Oh and I noticed, on the bottom of the page I hadn't put in a picture of the other alphabet sampler I finished a while back. So here is is:
doggies alphabet

01 November, 2008

Dinner for 5

I like entertaining. This was a really fun night. I already made a post on my normal blog, so go and look here.

book is on it's way

The book of our holiday has been sent to the printer place!!
Neil thinks I shouldn't count this one as complete til the book actually turns up, but I am happy to call it finished now, and there is nothing further for me to do on it (a part from pick it up from the post office) You can go and look at it here:
Our trip to Scotla...
By Louise Sullivan Ne...

20 October, 2008

foods I don't like: Spanish Onion

I have decided that I really don't mind onion. Spanish onion, you know, the red one is really quite nice, and the normal sort, the white one, is ok, provided it's cooked and not too huge. I don't recon I'd hoe into a roast onion, but most other times it's fine, so long as there is other food with it. (4 to go......)

More things out-a-here

  1. Polar Fleece
  2. Black V-Neck

Once again, both off to the Brother Hood or what ever.
Note: Still haven't taken that back to the brother hood bin.....

29 September, 2008

new supervisor

The latest news is hat I have a new supervisor. She has actually come up for a position for me, that includes work, you know, that stuff you are meant to do between your two daily commutes from home and back?
Anyway, the work at least has a purpose and is challenging, I get alone with the lady in question really well and she appreciates the work I do. I am useful again. As soon as this change has been implemented on the HR systems at work, I will call this one complete. Yay :) Happy me :)

26 September, 2008

2 resturants in one day

More by good luck than good management, I managed to try two new restaurants yesterday, yes one of them was a pub, but I don't care, this task is starting to fall behind!
The Elms Family Hotel ~ a little country pub in the heart of Melbourne
Wow, this place was an education. Hardly any women in there, non-matching plates, lots of 50 plus fat old men, cheep good food and drinks, being glared at by fellow customers for swearing. I think I'll go again! (Way better than the crappy Impy.)
Bombay Crown
We have been having a bit of trouble with 2 out of 3 of our curry places, and unfortunately, they are the two that deliver, and being essentially lazy, this causes us issues. This place was recommended to us by Neil's brother, and like many of his recommendations, it didn't look great. We ordered two standards, Vindaloo and Saag. They were both great and they deliver!! Good bye Everest and Himalayas! (The man was nice too)

01 September, 2008

Read Harry Potter books

Well, it was a dark novel, and I felt like the poor boy was running around, unbeknownst to him, with strings attached to a dead person, but feeling like he had a blind fold on, but of course, it all ended happily ever after, for the most part. Now I just have to wait till they finish all the films. I'm glad it's not me trying to make the film of this book!

24 August, 2008

alphabet *2

So, not only am I going to complete this task, I am going to have done it twice!!! I have already made one alphabet sampler (no pictures because of camera being at the camera vet, but I will provide some soon) I am nearly finished a second one!! Yay me :) One (the finished one) has cute dogs on it, the other I bought last year in Skye.


Apparently, the last Harry Potter novel has been out for ages now, and I kind of didn't notice. The only reason I found out about it was cos a friend of mine came to ask if they could borrow it.....
Any way, purchased now and I am reading away :)

one last bit of cloths

  1. two pairs of socks I should never have bought, cos they are too big (one was even still in the packet)

10 August, 2008

She's Finished!!!!

I'm very happy with her, she has only taken two years, and now she is done :)

Happy me :)
P.S. She is Lavender & Lace's "Celtic Summer" by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum.

04 August, 2008


done ! Only 2 to go. At least they are purchased now!


Yay, we got there, me and my little family. We went to the snow, for the dogs only, as they aren't allowed anywhere with decent ski-able snow, yesterday and it was great. Clara completely buggered herself, Molly want that fussed, Neil froze his fingers off throwing snow balls for Clara and I took the photos! We also dirtied 5 towels trying to keep the car clean on the way home.

Here are the photos

02 August, 2008

progress at last

I went and bought the backing and batting for my quilt today. I have also added the edging. Now all I have to do is stretching and quilting. Yay :)

29 July, 2008


Well, finished number 39 anyway.
I have really enjoyed watching Alias (with the exception of the cliff hanger at the end of season 4, when I hadn't already bought season 5 and I had to wait DAYS till I could get to a shop) and I'd really like to thank Velvet for suggesting I watch it.
Off you go, go and watch it your self now (taking note of what I said about the end of season 4!!!)

25 July, 2008

Nearly done - quilt

So, I have finally sew all the bits together for my quilt. I only have to add the edging and a backing then quilt it. I might send that to a shop, as I have recently discovered that that bit takes AGES! (I always thought of quilting as patch work, let me tell you people, they are NOT the same thing)

08 July, 2008


Well, mostly not that good a news on the whole, but there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. I missed out on a job that I was very keen on, may people have said they have made a mistake not picking me, but still, I haven't gotten the job. I was quite down about this for a bit.
I had to do my ePP (read: bullshit planing thingie) and this was my chance to lay it all on the line to my #$%^&* boss. I was not subtle. The odd but it I really don't feel better about it and I thought I would. Anyway, it looks like I might have a job, something that might actually be mine, for a while and mean something to people. I'm not holding my breath, just cos so far, I haven't had anything work out the way I hope with this job.
Anyway, should be some good training opportunity.

coths disposal

I decided to go through all my cloths and throw out the stuff I am never going to fit into again. I have decided only to count the first one of things I threw out, otherwise I don't think that would be the 'spirit' of the throw out 101 things.
  1. Shoes - one pair of sandals
  2. Jacket - just the one, size 12, lovely, but double breasted, so it dosn't fit the 'rules' for me
  3. t-shirts - 6 (doing well)
  4. Pants - 8! Wow. Most of these have gone to Kate
  5. Skirts - 6, one for Kate
  6. shirts - 4, all thread bare and years old
  7. shorts - 0 at this stage, but it's too cold to try them on
  8. other - 1, hmmmm, I actually did this a week or so ago, and I have already forget on what this one referred to, but it's out-a-here too.

So, all this stuff is off to the op shop, now all I have to do is get it there!!!

06 July, 2008

Belly dacing - the only sport I am built for

I went to a hens night yesterday, and I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to it at all. Anyway, it turned out to be really fun, even thought I was in a heap of pain from my hip. There were many cocktails and a belly dancer!! The lady did a nice demo, then a little class for all us drunk people. It was really fun, really hard work and I am totally inspired to find out more and get myself a course to go to!


They are all written! Some have doubles, and I have been a little lazy, but done is done. I am thinking I really should join this task with task 1, but well see, I can always re-jig if I need to, depending on if I come up with another task that really needs to be on the list.

Last Task

Finally, I have come up with my last task!!!!! Yay, I made it, eventually! Only 151 days into the challenge!

Free things

I have meant to go on the City Circle tram, for the whole route, for YEARS! Then recently, when showing a Canadian around the city, I found out that there is also a city bus, that goes a little further a field. I really must find out more about my own city, so I need to go on both of these!!!

27 June, 2008


This is a restaurant I pass every day on the way to work. So I decided to add it to the list. It was a little more expensive than the restaurants I normally frequent, and French, but the food was lovely. Neil had the roo, Scott had the duck and I had the lamb. So in a way we were dining with Shaun, Donald and Skippy for dinner too!
The only downer on the evening (apart from the small child who parents gave it a harmonica to play with at the table, I mean who does that? What kind of drugs were they on? This is a really flash looking restaurant/lounge/bar for gods sake!) was desert. I had the moose and if was frozen in the middle. I'm fairly sure it wasn't supposed to me and it was a bit disappointing :(

19 June, 2008

Pattern Drafting

I think I might have found me a pattern drafting course!!!!!

16 June, 2008

Mt Alexander

I went camping with Velvet on the weekend. It was very pleasant to be out and about. Velvet went on a bushwalk on the Sunday, I just sat around reading in the sun. It was a little cold, but very pleasant.

12 June, 2008

Sheet Stocktake

Ok, so I am a complete Access Nerd. I can deal with that. I have created a lovely DB to keep track of the sheets I have and what colors they are in. I also added quality and condition things. Yep. Nerd.
my nerdy-ness in action

P.S. The upshot is I need 2 more pale blue pillow cases and 2 more Flannel ones, based around white or pale brown. I also need to get rid of a sheet or two that are in crap condition

08 June, 2008

Not a good sign

So the mint has gotten Aphids. But it's ok, cos I sprayed them with......... stuff the other day. Hopefully it will be ok. Better go check brb
Ok, so the aphids are still there, but I think they are dead now. It's a bit hard to tell by torch light. Update you another time!

New Phone

Sorry, this post is a little behind the times, but I have a new Phone!!! Yay. Its an iPhone! oooooo magical! I have delayed making the post cos I was deciding if I was going to keep it, then I forgot to make the post all together.
Any way, I have decided to keep it, it is magical and I like it. It even lets me post to my blog from it! So next overseas holiday - Look Out!

(I have just discovered it's not the easiest thing to photograph, gotta love those greasy paw prints!)

31 May, 2008

The Paragon

I don't know that I will ever understand my sister. I'll leave it at that, or I will get in trouble and move on to the restaurant.
Mum, Me, Kate, Kathy and my aunt went to a wool fair. I had decided not to buy anything, so of course I spent ~$40. I bought a whole load of knitting needles, some stitch holders, a stitch counter, a book I looked at last year and some wool to make some thing out of the book (the wool was only $16, and I could have bought the other brand and that would have cost $90, so in a way I actually saved a whole lot of money :) )
Ooooo side track....... after that we decided it was time to get lunch, what with it being 12 o'clock and all. So Kate decided we would go to Rathdowne St, as everyone was being very indecisive. We ended up at this place called The Paragon where lunch was going to cost us around $20 per meal. I don't spend this much on a meal for dinner, what with me being a general tight arse and everything. Anyway, I just decided to shut up, after only one comment (I could see that Kathy and Fay were also slightly green at the $$$) and just order. I had a pasta with olives and mushrooms and broccoli. A bit oily, but tasty.
I don't think I will be visiting there again though. (baring a Tatts win, you know how it is!)

29 May, 2008

Napier Hotel

A pub again, I am wondering now if I should be counting these as new 'restaurants' but I will for now, and try not to do any more from now on. This meal was really 'pub fair'. It wasn't bad, just nothing out of the bag. I had a steak burger, it had a potato cake in it. I gave up on that about half way through and took it out. Other than that it was good.

26 May, 2008

Edinburgh Castle Hotel

I have been meaning to get to the Edinburgh Castle on a Monday for their $10 roo and wine meal for quite some time. We finally made it there with Steve from work and a Canadian bloke who is here this week to deliver a training course for us. The food was really good.
I was struck by the number of young cool people in the restaurant with small children. I was feeling quite threatened by them, as they looked 'cooler' than me, the supposedly young hip person with NO children, and there they where, with their tiny kids, looking 'cooler' than me!!! What am I doing wrong?
One other thing, I remember when I was small and living in the eastern suburbs, even I knew that the Edinburgh Castle was a really rough pub, where you could get knifed and stuff, so how come now it is suddenly a family pub?

22 May, 2008


Ok, so I have made a decision. I have decided that the list at the bottom of my blog will be only movies I don't already have. So you may notice it is now a fair bit shorter. Thanks for you your input on my question!

The commune

Steve, Neil, Jo and I went for lunch today at the Commune. The place looked great, the food was OK and company was excellent

13 May, 2008

getting there

I have finally nailed Neil down long enough to pick the photos he wanted in the book for steam and stuff, so we are nearly there!!!!! Only a final read through to go, then it can get sent off.

08 May, 2008


Lets face it, no one likes the dentist (poor bloke) and I knew I'd better go since last September when the filling broke. It has been driving me mad ever since, what with the food and the gap etc (enough detail, I don't want to gross you our too much). But I have been now, paid my money and had the thing fixed. I'm trying to decide now if I would be able to take a photo inside my own mouth. I'm thinking not, so you will have to live with out! :)

03 May, 2008


Isn't it pretty
shall thing - finished!
This would be a good thing in terms of general finishing of projects, except that I bought more wool and another new pattern to make a vest with yesterday. oops!

29 April, 2008

meet the plants

Meet Mint and Italian parsley!

27 April, 2008

Slow and steady

I am throwing out more and more stuff!!
  1. Keys from cars we have gotten rid of
  2. $50 tin (tin with a $50 printed on it)
  3. Perspex document holder
  4. Excess shower head (yay free-cycle)


Last night we went out for diner at Saba's in Ivanhoe. It was quite good, we had lamb. We will go there again.

26 April, 2008

kitchen cupboard

Ooooo how exciting, Neil and I love these cupboards. Now we have two of our own!!!


Neil wants to call this plant Mothera. I'm not sure why, it's something to do with Godzilla or something, what ever. I'm happy there is a plant in the bathroom again.

Starting Small

I thought it would be a good idea to start small on the herb garden, so I have only gotten two as a start.

24 April, 2008

café on bourke

we went to Café on Bourke today for lunch. It was quite nice, nothing really out of the box, just food. But I did learn a few very important things:

  • I don't get out enough
  • I go to too many cheap restaurants
  • Neil and I really just don't talk when we are hungry
  • there should NOT be TV's in restaurants

07 April, 2008


  1. 1 bottle of 4 years paste it's used by date chocolate sause.
  2. 13 empty CD covers

one down.........

This evening, when we went to go to the post office and get milk, we accidentally locked our selves out of the house. Oops. Anyway, when we got to the milk shop, there was a restaurant next door that we hadn't tried before, so we decided, since all that was waiting for us at home was breaking in, that we would give it a try. It was a kind of traditional old school looking Italian restaurant. It was called La Casareccia. I ordered Veal Parama (it was called something else, but thats what it was) and Neil had a spicy pasta. Mine came with chips and salad, which for me is always a bit of a risk, as I have very specific lettuce requirements. Anyway, it took a while, but when it arrived OMG it had REAL lettuce, you know, Iceberg, the only lettuce, none of this weed crap. Yay sooooo excited!
Neil was pleased with his pasta, nothing really out of the box, but good tasty food.
The only downer of the experience was the screaming small child at one of the other tables. The stupid mother kept trying to reason with it, which wasn't going to work as it was an under 5. Eventually she took it outside, and it kept screaming out there!

04 April, 2008


Hmmmmm Maybe I need to sort of combine these two tasks. I have been looking at my list of movies and trying to decide if it is meant to me a 'list of all time movies Louise likes' of more of a 'list of movies Louise is yet to acquire' If I combined them both, with my list of movies I already have, maybe this would work?
So then the question remains of how? Do I
  • preserve with the list at the bottom of the blog
  • find a web site that lets you catalog this sort of shit, cos I'm sure there is one
  • make a spiffy access DB (yes, super nerd speaking!)
  • get me self a note book and make scrappy illegible notes in it, but at least I can carry it around with me

Decisions decisions!!!
(OK you can vote now!)

01 April, 2008

new and improved list

I have made a new and improved list for the bottom of the page (just scroll down to look) Tonight I am going to up date the entries to be true, at the moment they are only the best guess from my memory.

27 March, 2008


Well, I am more or less looking after the Scottie Club of Victoria's website now. It seems a bit of a hollow win, as there are still a few issue I'm not too happy over, but hopefully they will resolve themselves...........
Note: Can't really do a picture for this one, but I have included a link

number 8

Man, making the eight was way easier than trying to make this poxy photo of 2 photos in one I have made for you!
an 8 from my advent calendar
But it's done :) now on to the next thing........


  1. ~1,000,000 wire coat hangers
  2. 4 x sachets of stainless steal cleaners I don't use anymore cos I use Enjos
  3. 7 years past it's used by date 5 Mushroom Extract
  4. Click Clack thing (its a toy, I don't know it's proper name)
  5. Polystyrene from Day lite box (notice I haven't said the box :( )

23 March, 2008


Recently, we have had cause to discover just how much stuff we have. It is even more stuff than I thought when I invented these tasks. Anyway hopefully these tasks will help us live in a more tidy ordered world, and may be even chuck some stuff out. I am very jealous of the people who can just chuck stuff.


for a while now (like my whole life) I have really been a bit keen on sparkly things. Anything shiny is good. For a while I was quite keen on getting married, you know, the big dress, guests the whole disaster. How ever, I have now had a few friends do it, and MAN I could not be bothered, and the expense, lets not go there! (I am somewhat of a tight ares!) Anyway, the shiny/sparkly thing is still there and I really think I'd like a ring. A few months ago (nearly 12 now) Neil gave me a hair tie, which I have been wearing, to the point now that it has no elasticity and is nearly a foot long, hence it is looped over 8 times to fit on my finger. I'd love to replace it as

  • it looks awful
  • it smells
  • it isn't shiny, or sparkly

Anyway, I have decided that the only way I'm going to get said sparkly, is to buy my own, but I'm not admitting defeat yet, after all this list still has a while to go.

Science works

I was sitting at the bus stop the other day, and a bus went past (obviously not the one I was going to get on, other wise this would be a post on my normal blog, and the the rant heading talking about missing stoopied buses) and it had an add on the back for science work. I thought "gees I haven't been there in an AGE" so here it is, I have added task 100!!! Only one to go now!

more things

  1. worn out dino slippers
  2. kinda surprise yellow turtle crayon
  3. 4 videos (hmmm still a lot to come I think)

15 March, 2008

I feel so much lighter

I have started the throw out. I think it is going to be harder than I thought, but I feel better about it than I was expecting, at least so far anyway.
Here is what I have thrown away/op shopped/giving Mum or Kate a go at taking before it goes out so far:
  1. eye thing from flight to/from the UK
  2. broken straw hat
  3. Priceline Club card
  4. Tiny jam jar from out UK trip
  5. Op shop bag that has been in my room for MONTHS
  6. Buzzy bee bag
  7. Neutrimetics handbag, it was free
  8. $1 handbag
  9. Devil costume (tail and horns)
  10. 4 drink bottles
  11. dog chewed torch
  12. 2 x cool tall but useless bottles
  13. tamagotchi
  14. freeze dried hike food, found in cupboard (used by 1995)
  15. glass jar, find of cool, never used (regularly anyway)
  16. GCC show bag
  17. tiny useless basket (held cards and post cards, not use where to put them now)
  18. crappy ring I found on the ground
  19. broken Mickey Mouse talking alarm clock
  20. odd plastic containers, with no lids
  21. Bike Vic lanyard

12 March, 2008


I like courses, mostly. A few of these I wanted to get work to pay for (6 thinking hats, and lead lighting (we had a lot of money left one year, I kept suggesting it as a joke)) Other Neil and I have talked about for a while (dancing, thats it really). The pattern drafting is because I get sick of spending hours making cloths only to have to spend more hour adjusting them to fit me, cos I am completely unable to get the 3D thing in my head properly with the pattern pieces. So far I haven't had heaps of luck finding a course to fit the bill.... I'll keep looking.


I'm not much of a gardener, but I really love the idea of it. I get enthused every now and then, and plant things. But then I forget/loose interest and they die, or at least flag. I really want to do better at this. Particularly the trees. My old house had a lemon tree and it sucks having to buy lemons. Almost every house in our street has an olive tree and both of us love the idea of an olive tree. and herb, well, don't get me started on herbs. It's not that they are that expensive from the shop, it's just that you end up wasting half of them cos they come in these huge bunches, anyway, I'll jest get on and plant them and stop crapping on


Whilst in the strictest terms I have already done this one, twice in fact (ie: I have issues the invitation) Said Neil's mother has yet to actually appear. Not that I'm pissed or anything.............

08 March, 2008

Ironing is done

So apart from one last minutes issue which I am too angry to go into just now, this t-shirt is done. It looks a bit better in 'person' than in this photo, the flash seems to do something odd to it. This photo was taken before the ironing:

07 March, 2008

Canvasing done

So I have canvased the crew, and votes are in: Dinner seems to be the preferred option by virtue of the fact that no one cared if it was dinner or lunch except for one person, who preferred dinner, so dinner it is! The only issue is then likely to be what day? As the Swiss Clubs ours are a bit odd. I have yet to ring them, but it looks like with a booking, on a Friday, we'll be sorted!

03 March, 2008

Under way

Here's me painting my shirt.........

01 March, 2008

not that impressed

so, whilst I was in Canberra, I put a coat of the leather treatment that came with my bag on it. It didn't seem to do anything, so I'm going to discuss other options with Mum. She knows everything, she'll know what to do! I'm thinking the same shit I put on my shoes, but a really thin coat........

25 February, 2008


So, it took a while, but it's happened. I have met the other half of my family. I won't go into the history here, cos it might upset people. It's enough to say that it was along time ago, and trying to 'blame' any of the people at the BBQ would be just silly. It was a bit weird to meet a whole lot of people (6 all together) who partly I felt I should know as they are my family, but clearly I don't and just as clearly can't know as I have only just met them. Hmmm not making a lot of sense here.
Any way, to use an awful word, they seem really nice. The girls seemed to talk amongst them selves a bit, but then again, I felt like I hardly spoke at all. Every time I said anything I felt like a complete dick! Kate did the most fantastic job or being witty and intelligent sounding.
I hope that
  • we can meet them again
  • I get over feeling stupid around them
  • they don't think I am a complete nerd, although I am really beginning to think I'm doomed on that topic
  • the girls did actually want to be there

23 February, 2008

Step one

I have gotten the passwords, and made a few tiny changes (ok re-wrote two pages cos they have been made with Word or front page or something and the coding is awful) now I just have to make sure people are happy with that then I can go to town :)

21 February, 2008

Jennifer Pudney

Here are some pics of the ones I have finished so far

The idea is that I'll have 3 in portrait (framed side by side, ending up landscape) and 3 in landscape (framed on top of each other, ending up portrait) YaY :)

table :)

I have now even improved it, by making it update-able from my spreadsheet. I really need to have more to do sometimes.

19 February, 2008

Bath room plant

We had a rubber plant at our old house. It never grew to well. When we moved here, we put it in the bath room and it grew really well and had huge leaves the size of large platters. After a while, Mum decided that she should take it with her. She put it out side. Two days later it got all frost bitten and nearly died. I was a bit sad about it. I have decided I should get my own, as I miss it.


no sorry, it's not beer. I am progressing slowly here. I'm thinking I might need to get a book on this. I've had a few sessions with my 'tutor' and somethings I get, some I have no clue on. I'm probable being a bit had on myself in some places, I mean some of the things I'm doing might be considered hard, but still, I recon I'm going a bit slow....

good effort, but no cigar

I had a plan to spend the whole weekend (or at least on of the days) watching TV. But it was warm, and when it came right down to it, I felt more like reading. So I did spend ~6 hours, both Saturday and Sunday, of complete WASTED time in front of the TV, but no cigar I'm afraid. It doesn't count as "Spend a whole day in front of the Telly"


Actually, I finished this one ages ago, I just didn't realise I hadn't ticket it off! Nice isn't it? :)

16 February, 2008

Items purchased

So, I now have the paint and a brush.........

Green drinks?

so, do any of you recon that Green Drinks counts as a festival?

13 February, 2008

Louise's Winter

ooo she's finished :) I was having 'issues' with my pattern making software, in that every time I used it, if I wanted the symbols to stay the same as I had originally set them up, I had to re-install it. So I decided that I had better bloody finish the thing. As you can see by the time, it did take slightly longer than I was expecting, but I'm soo happy shes done. Now all I have to do is finish Summer and I can start to sew her :)

This pic looks awful, as she is too detailed to go on the screen in one shot, but it gives you the idea.

12 February, 2008

Swiss Club

Once, many moons ago, Neil and I went to a comedy festival event in the city. As often happens when we are out, we were starving and we went to the first food place we found (there weren't many in the area). It was the Swiss Club, and we had the BEST meal. Ever since, I have been saying we must go back there, and of course we haven't. Admittedly they do have rather odd hours, which makes it difficult to get to, but thats no excuse. MUST go there again!!

11 February, 2008

not good news

not good news on the interview/job, the only consolation I can find out of this is that is means I don't feel so bad about doing all the training I have coming up and might make me concentrate on it a bit better.

10 February, 2008

Spiffy table

Look at the top of this blog, isn't it ACE. This idea was stolen from Scarlet words. I hope she doesn't mind :)

Kilt is done

not that something like this is ever really finished. But it has had it's first public outing today, at the Black and While Dog Match, between the Vic Scottie club and the Westtie Club.

08 February, 2008


Rowan is a good friend of ours, who we have been meaning to invite around for tea for around 2-3 years. So hopefully, some time in the next 1001 day (ie 2-3 years) this will actually happen!!!


i love sheets. They are so pretty, and nice ones feel so good when you first put them on the bed, you know, before the dog gets in and puts grit everywhere.
In the past I have tended to buy cheap sheets cos they look so nice in the shops, be then after a few washes they are never that nice. But because of my prolific buying for a short period I have lots of sheets that don't 'coordinate'. So now, I'm only allowed to buy stuff that matches the existing stuff. But I really need to work out what i 'need' ie: a fitted sheet in this color, two pillow cases in that color etc etc
Yep, thats right Anal!
P.S. you might note that as we get towards the end of the list, some of the tasks leave a little to be desired. This is one of those tasks.....


Neil has never had a birthday party. This might have something to do with his attitude to life, or his birthday being on new years eve, some other mysterious neil thing, or all of the above. Anyway a party, for any one of a number of reason, one of which is his birthday &/or our buying the house will occur.

throw out

I have too much stuff. I am completely hopeless at throwing stuff out. I make a pile, then go trough it and take half (or more) of the stuff back. This includes cloths, toys, paper, plastic containers, books, everything. So here to getting rid of some of my physical baggage.


Not that there is anything really wrong with mine, just every now and then it's nice to have a new one, it's out of contract and I'd like one that can have documents on it, so I can have the bus timetable with me all the time!


sometimes, I getting a bit pissed off. I really don't like this, as it's usually some sort of instant 'Jekyll and Hyde' transformation that freaks everyone out, including me. I have been making efforts towards being calmer and while I feel I am making progress sometimes, no one else has noticed and still I can fly off the handle and it can catch me by surprise, let alone anyone else. Work is still progressing


What was lost, is now found. I didn't actually find it, Neil did (it was on his desk at work - I'm not even going to ask!) but it's found, so I'm happy


wow, did this turn out to be a bigger job that I was bargaining for?!??!

Oh well, nearly there.....

I will also make posts as I complete them and at strategic places along the way if necessary.


I love having visitors. I like feeding people. It's what I would always prefer to do, rather than going out and paying heaps for average food, lots for cheep drinks and sitting in noisy surroundings (at least they aren't smoky anymore!!)

hmmm pie

enough said on this topic, well nearly. The only rules apart from lemon-ey and pie-ie, are that the pie must be ~15cm when finished :) Yum

Must finish......

You will have noticed a few 'finish' type tasks on my list. I am just not that good at finishing things. I have hems, hand sewing, and that last little bit you need to do to 'finish' things. Hopefully this list can tidy a few items up


I love the idea of themed days, I normally don't even care much what the theme is so long as it's fun! But two I really like the idea of are Pirate day, that I have participated in two year running now, and Towel day which I haven't done before

boring meeting

A few months ago (OK nearly a year ago) I was in a really boring meeting. So I started to write a story. I could be all polite here, but lets not beat around the bush, it was a porn. I was really impressed with it for my first effort. Anyways, I put the book away (not really I left it under a chair in the lounge room) and a few months later I was drunkenly telling someone about it. I was thinking I should type it up and they could have a read. It was then I realised I couldn't find the book. I have looked and looked, I can't find it anywhere!!! Bugger. So here to finding my 'book' ;)


I love my motorcycle, although mostly I only ride it to work and back. My other half and a good friend of his also have motorcycles. I want the three of us to go on a ride somewhere together.


When I was younger, we used to go skiing at least once, usualy 2 or 3 times, each ski season. In the last few years I haven't been at all. I miss it, and will go more.

Thats right I'm female

Almost everyone of these lists I have read that belong to a female had a task along these lines, with varying time lines involved. It's not funny, just don't laugh and don't offer me chocolate.

I'm a bit slack

I really should visit Mum and Dad more. So I will


In fact we could have our very own 101 list just for the house. There are many things we could do, however, many of them involve large amounts of money (ie new garage) and possible a lot more time than 1001 days, so I have only picked a few to put on this list, and they are ones that I could probable do myself, since it is my list.

stupid factory

I love my stupid factory t-shirt

But as you can see, it isn't wearing too well. All I have to do is get some black paint and carefully paint over it, but I have yet to sit down and doo it

road trip

I did this once, many moons ago with a group of friends, just after High School, It was ACE. I even came home with a cat. The idea was sugested again by some different people and I recon, yay lets go. Now it's just be me, herding some cats, until people are able to go!

Air con

We have a cool aircon. I love it. You can put you own picture in the front. I made a really 'temporary' one when we first got it, with a view to both Neil and I making a nicer one, or set of pics we could change over when we felt like it. Anyone who knows me well will know the fear that the work temporary strikes into my heart. And, living up to that expectation, the temporary picture is still in the aircon, how ever many months later. I would like to NOT let this get to years!

Along time ago

in a suburb far far away, I had a games night. I spent ages organising it, I had rules sheets, score sheets and games aplenty. I invited people and they can, there was laughter, beverages and fun to be had by all. It was a great night. When I went to organise another one, a couple of years later, my friends mucked me a round, canceled at the last min, and were generally unreliable. The evening ended up being canceled, by virtue of me writing a note on the front door 'F^&# you all' and me going out. Needless to say, not a fun evening.
Anyway, this first one was such a fun evening I haven't given up entirely on having another ones, whats more I do have a completely different set of friends now, so maybe they will come.

Harry Potter

Even though I am finding I liked the earlier books more than that later, longer ones, I am still determined to read them all, as they come out. I have stopped going to see the films too, so that I can see them all in a row, when (if) they are all finished.

07 February, 2008


Thanks Velvet for this suggestion. Must do more of this

Metal work

In year 12, Outdoor ed got canceled. So I did metal work instead, I was quite happy with this, cos it's not like I could always do metal work at home, like I could with many outdoor ed activities.
Anyway Metal work was fun and I was quite good at it, I got A's :) So one day when Dad said he could 'acquire' a jewelers torch, I said "YAY". But I have never actually set it up and done anything with it, but I am determined!!!


I was given, by a most lovely person, a whole heap of barskes and boning, so I can make my self a new corset. I must do this so as to, not only have a new corset, but make sure the giver of the gift feels appreciated

being my mothers daughter......

I have a shit load of material. This is because I can't help myself, I see a bargain and I must buy it. So now my material collection lives in the following places:
  • a large basket under a coffee table
  • a large 100L plastic container bought specifically for storing material (slightly over flowing)
  • a my helmet box
  • a huge basket originally purchased as a picnic basket
  • a wire basket beside my bed

This really needs to be sewn up, partly cos it's a waste to have it just sitting round, partly so it doesn't end up getting moths and partly cos the cloths in the shop, esp pants, are crap and i really should make more of my own!!


I'm not adventures enough, so this is to take me out of my comfort zone

role play

I used to do this while ago, when I was in another life, but it was fun and I have a few friends who have also done this once or twice before and I think it would be a fun way to spend an evening

half done

I am a great one for starting things and not finishing them, you will note there are a number of tasks on the list that start "Finish..." This is a very simple quilt, I bought all the bits for it in one go in Mildura (which I personally think of as the quilting capital of Victoria, but it might be that all smallish country town have 5 quilting shops) and have cut most of it out already, I just have to finishing sewing the bugger together!


I like TV, it's nice to sit in front of, usually sewing, hence I have made a few TV related goals.....


Haven't been there, it's close, they have volcanoes, bubbling mud, funny animals, nice scenery, snow etc and I want to go there.


I loved Tasmania, I have been there twice and I want to go again

ride to work

I'm fat, I'm lazy and I want to see if I can actually do this

Dog Kilt

Wow, this one has to be done by this week end!! Oh no, the data has caught up with me way too quickly!


My cat has been staying at my sisters for quite sometime. I need to move him back home. But (there is always a but) he is always having the crap beaten out of him by local cats. This means I have to make him an inside cat, but cos I don't want to have a tray, cos he hates them and takes GREAT pleasure in spreading the kitty litter all over what ever room you put the tray in, I want to get him one of those cool cat run things. The stupid man at the cat run shop doesn't seem to want my business, as he never returns my calls and then, I have decided to have puppies (not me obviously, but my dog) and I think it would just be way easier to cope, for all concern if the cat wasn't there for atleast the first few weeks that the puppies were on the scene. Maybe....

Neil's things

Neil moved in nearly a year ago. We haven't made much of a dint on moving his belongings. A fair number of the things we have moved, have yet to find a premanent home in our house. This needs to be fixed.

web site

I like HTML. I think it is cos I am a nerd. I have offered (last year some time) to take over looking after the Scottie Club of Victoria's website. I am STILL waiting on the details to take it over. Now I have a 1001 days to make this happen :)

Fun days out

These are just task that I thought would be a fun day out. I will try to get people to come with me, cos social outings are good and should be done :)

06 February, 2008

task that has been hanging around for quite some time

Way back in, oooo lets say some where around High School, a good friend of mine and I decided we should go and play a round of Golf. She then promptly moved to the other side of the planet. She has now been back ~2 years and we still haven't organised our selves, but I am determined. It will happen!!!!!

Some things I have wanted to do for ages

being a bit lazy here, will expand at some stage :S

some bugger

Some bugger stole number 8 out of my advent calendar, hence it needs to be re-made

Historical Time Travel Romance

How can you not LOVE the idea of a book with all that in it? Anyway, I'm waiting on the 7th in this series of two inch thick books of tiny writing to come out.

Holiday, Celebrate!

Sorry, tacky. I was sure I did a post about this... I can;t find it though. Maybe I put it on Face book. Anyway, there is a cool thing, found here called BookSmart. You make up your own book, being careful to proof properly, press send and your words and photos and everything fly off to somewhere, you pay exorbitant postage, but a book comes back!! Shop quality! Coolest!

brrrrr winter

See posts on normal blog here and here.

On the up side, until I started this mini project, the conversion of the two patterns into one patented "Louise" pattern were going really quick, so the sooner this is finished the sooner the pattern will be finished. There is one big negative in the patterns favor of course, it can't be done at work. These posts can ;)

Nearly there

This one might have been a bit of a cheat to put on here, since it's already near finished, but there are a number of other things I'm not letting my self start until I have finished this. There are a number of updates on my normal blog, here is one

Boring task, must just be done

I have a number of these one here......


Who doesn't want to see a volcano. Having studied Earth Science as my degree I REALLY want to see one, with Lava and ash and bubbling mud!!!


Today I had an interview for a new job. If a job interview can ever be described as fun, this one was, so hopefully it went ok.
I am doing some training this month and some tutorial sessions on VB, so if the job doesn't come off, these are steps to making my boring job a bit better.

things on this blog

I have decided that this task, whilst including the count down timer will will also include a spiffy table like Scarlet Words and links from the list of items off to the left! Lets see how anal I can get ;)


So, creating the list has been harder than I thought. I have stolen ideas from the following websites:

and some others I now can't find