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29 July, 2008


Well, finished number 39 anyway.
I have really enjoyed watching Alias (with the exception of the cliff hanger at the end of season 4, when I hadn't already bought season 5 and I had to wait DAYS till I could get to a shop) and I'd really like to thank Velvet for suggesting I watch it.
Off you go, go and watch it your self now (taking note of what I said about the end of season 4!!!)

25 July, 2008

Nearly done - quilt

So, I have finally sew all the bits together for my quilt. I only have to add the edging and a backing then quilt it. I might send that to a shop, as I have recently discovered that that bit takes AGES! (I always thought of quilting as patch work, let me tell you people, they are NOT the same thing)

08 July, 2008


Well, mostly not that good a news on the whole, but there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. I missed out on a job that I was very keen on, may people have said they have made a mistake not picking me, but still, I haven't gotten the job. I was quite down about this for a bit.
I had to do my ePP (read: bullshit planing thingie) and this was my chance to lay it all on the line to my #$%^&* boss. I was not subtle. The odd but it I really don't feel better about it and I thought I would. Anyway, it looks like I might have a job, something that might actually be mine, for a while and mean something to people. I'm not holding my breath, just cos so far, I haven't had anything work out the way I hope with this job.
Anyway, should be some good training opportunity.

coths disposal

I decided to go through all my cloths and throw out the stuff I am never going to fit into again. I have decided only to count the first one of things I threw out, otherwise I don't think that would be the 'spirit' of the throw out 101 things.
  1. Shoes - one pair of sandals
  2. Jacket - just the one, size 12, lovely, but double breasted, so it dosn't fit the 'rules' for me
  3. t-shirts - 6 (doing well)
  4. Pants - 8! Wow. Most of these have gone to Kate
  5. Skirts - 6, one for Kate
  6. shirts - 4, all thread bare and years old
  7. shorts - 0 at this stage, but it's too cold to try them on
  8. other - 1, hmmmm, I actually did this a week or so ago, and I have already forget on what this one referred to, but it's out-a-here too.

So, all this stuff is off to the op shop, now all I have to do is get it there!!!

06 July, 2008

Belly dacing - the only sport I am built for

I went to a hens night yesterday, and I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to it at all. Anyway, it turned out to be really fun, even thought I was in a heap of pain from my hip. There were many cocktails and a belly dancer!! The lady did a nice demo, then a little class for all us drunk people. It was really fun, really hard work and I am totally inspired to find out more and get myself a course to go to!


They are all written! Some have doubles, and I have been a little lazy, but done is done. I am thinking I really should join this task with task 1, but well see, I can always re-jig if I need to, depending on if I come up with another task that really needs to be on the list.

Last Task

Finally, I have come up with my last task!!!!! Yay, I made it, eventually! Only 151 days into the challenge!

Free things

I have meant to go on the City Circle tram, for the whole route, for YEARS! Then recently, when showing a Canadian around the city, I found out that there is also a city bus, that goes a little further a field. I really must find out more about my own city, so I need to go on both of these!!!