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17 November, 2008

Dinner and Beer

I forgot to mention that we went to the Little Creature food hall. It was a little over priced for me (remembering that I am a complete tight arse) there was cider, on tap, and the food we had, whilst not strictly speaking a meal (chips and pizza) was nice, if a bit 'flash' for my taste. I think it's safe for you to go there if you want.

16 November, 2008

Buffy is finnished, again

No, she didn't die, sufficed to say, they all lived happily ever after, mostly... I really like Buffy, no doubt I will watch it all again and still think I haven't seen some of the episodes! Does this need a picture? Ok, here's one:

14 November, 2008

foods I don't like: Peaches

OK, I have tried these again, admittedly only in canned form, but I still don't like them. I can deal with that.
(Still like the song though!)

04 November, 2008

Alphabet cross stitch sampler

It's done. It's fairly plain, but I like it. If anyone every finds one with A is for Apple, B is for Boat, C is for Cat etc. Please let me know, cos I'd love one like that too.
my alphabet cross stitch
Oh and I noticed, on the bottom of the page I hadn't put in a picture of the other alphabet sampler I finished a while back. So here is is:
doggies alphabet

01 November, 2008

Dinner for 5

I like entertaining. This was a really fun night. I already made a post on my normal blog, so go and look here.

book is on it's way

The book of our holiday has been sent to the printer place!!
Neil thinks I shouldn't count this one as complete til the book actually turns up, but I am happy to call it finished now, and there is nothing further for me to do on it (a part from pick it up from the post office) You can go and look at it here:
Our trip to Scotla...
By Louise Sullivan Ne...