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23 March, 2008


for a while now (like my whole life) I have really been a bit keen on sparkly things. Anything shiny is good. For a while I was quite keen on getting married, you know, the big dress, guests the whole disaster. How ever, I have now had a few friends do it, and MAN I could not be bothered, and the expense, lets not go there! (I am somewhat of a tight ares!) Anyway, the shiny/sparkly thing is still there and I really think I'd like a ring. A few months ago (nearly 12 now) Neil gave me a hair tie, which I have been wearing, to the point now that it has no elasticity and is nearly a foot long, hence it is looped over 8 times to fit on my finger. I'd love to replace it as

  • it looks awful
  • it smells
  • it isn't shiny, or sparkly

Anyway, I have decided that the only way I'm going to get said sparkly, is to buy my own, but I'm not admitting defeat yet, after all this list still has a while to go.


beesknees said...

gees, an old ugly stinky hair tie is a substitute for a ring?! get your act together Neil!
couldnt you do a big dress and guest thing without it being too expensive? surely its worth the effort

Neil said...

As the old hair tie gets longer, so my love for you increases!

As the smell increases, so does my passion fo you!

And rather than have a ring that gets old and tired, the hair tie, like my love, will always be renewed year after year!

...or is it something else?

Louise said...

Right, that's it, I'm not talking to you any more

Neil said...

Yay! Oops...did I type that or just think that....and what's with the merangue dress Bron? I would never have picked you as an old-fashioned romantic type!

By the way...did I send your man all those links to old motorbikes 'n' stuff?

beesknees said...

ah Neil, what you dont know about women - every girl harbors a secret desire for the whole dress thing even if they dont admit it. but actually I wasnt talking about me, I meant for Louise since she said she was keen on it.
yep I think you sent those links to Urs - didnt he thank you? he's so bad at that

Neil said...

It'd be easier to identify what I do know about women (actually, you could extend that out to all men). I think I might be able to fill a post-it note...but I'd get distracted by car racing, motorbikes or pron...again!

And if its a secret desire, how are us poor guys ever supposed to learn about it anyway! "Psychic osmosis" I suppose!

As far as those links go, I really couldn't remember...just getting old I think!

I'm a class act, I am!