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25 February, 2008


So, it took a while, but it's happened. I have met the other half of my family. I won't go into the history here, cos it might upset people. It's enough to say that it was along time ago, and trying to 'blame' any of the people at the BBQ would be just silly. It was a bit weird to meet a whole lot of people (6 all together) who partly I felt I should know as they are my family, but clearly I don't and just as clearly can't know as I have only just met them. Hmmm not making a lot of sense here.
Any way, to use an awful word, they seem really nice. The girls seemed to talk amongst them selves a bit, but then again, I felt like I hardly spoke at all. Every time I said anything I felt like a complete dick! Kate did the most fantastic job or being witty and intelligent sounding.
I hope that
  • we can meet them again
  • I get over feeling stupid around them
  • they don't think I am a complete nerd, although I am really beginning to think I'm doomed on that topic
  • the girls did actually want to be there

1 comment:

beesknees said...

cool, glad it went well. and dont worry, Im sure they feel as nervous about it as you do