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27 December, 2010

More chucking out of stuff

  1. My year 12 formal dress. It's never going to fit again, I have no where to keep it.
  2. My lamby when when I was a baby, it's torn and worn out.
  3. my bag of socks that need darning, seriously I will never to it, I have gotten over it!

So even though this now counts this task as completed, now that I have started, I think will continue to chuck stuff out, because I seem to be doing so well at it!


We visited Mum and Dad yesterday, which I think makes three times this year. I don't think I have visited three times every year, because of a little 'issue' at one stage there, but I have this year so good enough.

12 December, 2010

bored = chuck stuff out

As a result of this post, I have decided I need to through some stuff out. I have decided cloths look like an easy target so here goes
  1. 5 pairs of pants (trousers for those of you that way inclined) to the op shop
  2. 9 t-shirts, to the op shop
  3. 3 shirts to the op shop
  4. two hand bags, one to the bin, one to the op shop
  5. one purse
  6. one sun hat, it's bright orange, I am never going to wear it.
  7. 4 shirts
  8. 3 sandals, 2 bin, one op shop, bye guys, I'll miss two of you anyway! Especially the red ones Clara chewed when she was a puppy, they were great.
  9. my old camera box and instructions, I only haven't had that camera for 2 years.
  10. an empty Cointreau bottle, honestly, why do I keep this shit!
  11. Do you recon Body Shop things go off? So do I and I've had the stuff I chucked out since 2002.

10 December, 2010

oooo Shiney

No Words I'm afraid :)

07 November, 2010

when will it come

This isn't even bloody published in the size I buy yet! (I can get it in trade paper back, but I hate that size) This sort of this is not helping me finish my list on time

And I'm back

I have been away in the UK for 6ish weeks so, as was fairly clear anyway, there is no way this will be finished in the next -4 days. I am going to try and finish is though, I'm not really concerned how long it takes. Our trip was great, you can read about it here.

14 September, 2010

Unexpected win

We have an international visitor staying with us at the moment. She is Canada and is very nice. We took her, very unexpectedly, down to the Penguins on Phillip Island. We also went to the Koala park down there. Both of these were great. We got to see a tiny tiny koala, which had only just grown fur, and a tiny penguin, that still had grey downie feathers on. We had a great day. (Neil took all the good photos, I will try to get some off him to show on here.)

11 July, 2010

chucking out

  1. old washing basket, with no handles left that 3 out 4 of my dogs have had efforts at chewing (the only reason Molly hasn't is she wasn't a pappy with it was around)
  2. two ye-olde baskets full of shit, that no one has looked in, or missed anything from since we moved house from Glen Iris ten years ago
  3. a ceramic bowl full of the same sort of shit

20 June, 2010


and boy was it a marathon! Quite a bit more of an effort than I thought it would be. The films were
  1. Sabrina
  2. Conan the Barbarian
  3. Stardust
  4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  5. Kenny
  6. idoicracy
  7. So I married an axe murder
  8. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
  9. HH G tt G
  10. A clockwork orange
  11. Indian Jones
  12. Star Trek Generations
  13. Clueless

There were a number of visitors through out the time starting with Craig and Loo, then Fiona, Scott and Martin and Ingrid.
There was also a bit of sleeping during the event, more by Neil than me but I am really ready for bed now.

06 June, 2010

minor edit - task done

I have changed this task from go to the Talbot Market to go to the Market. Today Neil and I went to St.Kilda Market. I haven't been for for best part of 10 years. It wasn't as big as I remember, but I'm assuming that is because it's winter, and quite cold. It was a pleasant afternoon out. Now we are planing on sitting around and doing not much for the rest of the day.

03 June, 2010

Patee Thai

We were really late home from work the other night. We divided to tick off another restaurant off the list. This restaurant is one I have always wanted to go to, as they have the really cool traditional sitting on the floor tables. I couldn't actually sit at them, cos of my hip being so crap, but it was good to go there non the less. The food was quite good. There was lots of it and it wasn't really expensive.

31 May, 2010


Wow, what party. We had 5 people around and one person participating via text message. We had elf shaped pasta, Swedish sweets, polish meat balls, saganarki cheese and other European food stuffs. Neil made a yummy tomatoes pasta sauce, (we had a number of vegetarians in attendance) donuts and I made some dark rye bread I got from Ikea. Yum. Oh, there might have been a few beverages consumed. :)
Here are the flags I made for cheering!
P.S. Germany won, in case you hadn't heard.

23 May, 2010

out with the old

This task used to say: Make a new picture for the front of the aircon. I will do this one day, but for the moment, I think my new task if way more worthy of a slot in the list (it also costs a lot more and will be way more fun). So new task: Go back to the UK. This will be being done between the 22nd of September and the 4th of November this year. You will note that this is over the end of my challenge time. This is going to mean that this challenge will run over time. I have thought about this a lot and am resigned to this. I would rather finish the challenge in the time it takes, than start a new challenge with heaps of left over tasks from the last one.

The garage

Originally I didn't have the garage at Camberwell in this task and I was focused on the the bedroom, (which let me tell you was enough of a task in itself!) but then because our garage fell down, I added the garage. Then because Neil's brother and his family decided to do major renovations, and move into the Camberwell house, the whole lot got a lot more urgent, well sort of. First of all they (the brother and family) were moving in at the start of the year, then Easter, then May, and now September. Not that this is at all surprising to me, these building thing ALWAYS take longer than expected, especially the whole bull shit council approval process! You wouldn't believe the hoops we had to go to just to replace and existing garage! But anyway I digress.
So, Neil is currently away in Queensland looking at his new engine, and this weekend the garage absolutely HAD to be clear because someone needed to park their car in there (please don;t get me started on this one else we will be here all day.) This left Scott all by himself to fix the mess that is the garage. I came around on Saturday afternoon to help him. We worked very hard, all afternoon, until near 7pm, tidying, chucking stuff out, sweeping and moving shit around until the garage looked fantastic. It would also allow, which careful parking of said car, a boat (small sail variety), kayak, and motorcycle to be stored in it.
I texted Scott today to ask how the car fit and he responded: "Xxxx was super thankful for all our hard work. She made sure to park the car in a spot that meant everyone could still use the garage. And left the keys in it saying move it when ever you need to, all is great". This made me really happy, I thought "It's so great our hard work was appreciated" That is until I actually spoke to Scott and he realised that I hadn't gotten the sarcasm in his text. Oh dear, The car was parked in a place that meant most of the garage was now unusable, Scott could not get to most of his belongings and owner of the car would prefer not to leave the keys or have anyone move her car. As for recognising all our work? Huh! Don't be silly.
At least Neil and his mum appreciated it.

04 May, 2010

New Car

Well, it's here. We ordered our car in what feels like January. I think it wasn't really that early in the year, but it was months ago. It's here now. It's shiny :)
Having the new car should allow us to complete some other tasks on the list much easier (21, 32 (obviously I am referring to the Tasmania half of this task), 55, 67 and 90) I'm hanging out for more adventures, I think this will be great :)

26 April, 2010

More things... out

  1. 100m long fax paper roll I picked up at work... why did I do that?
  2. One of my original woggles (from Guides) that the puppies recently chewed (little buggers)
  3. various cords we couldn't work out what they were for
  4. My lab coat from uni. It was second hand when I got it, it was wee-ed on god knows how long ago, stinks and is full of holes.
I think that's enough for today

24 April, 2010

more chucks and freecycle

FreeCycle is a cool way to get rid of stuff you have that is still good, but you can't be arsed selling it and you just don't want it in the house anymore. I highly recommend you find a local group and cruse the listings, or even add to them your self.
  1. Kate's old single bed (she gave me permission to get rid of this)
  2. 6 foot tall inflatable penguin. Sorry person who gave me this, but what were you thinking?!?!?
Other things that have gone today that were on Freecycle include:
  1. Fire mapping notes from 2006
  2. phone car charger from about 3 phones ago
  3. box of CD's and shit from my original PC, purchased in 2005
  4. A while ago, i experimented with Space Bags as a whay to save on storage space. Lets just say.... they don't work. So chucking two of these
  5. OMG I just found pay slips from 1997 and 1998! GONE!
  6. My original sunglasses (I might see if there is a place you can give glasses to, I have a feeling there is, other wise they are for the bin)
  7. my original High School calculator Canon F-600
  8. a cheep arse belt that came free with a skirt and is all ratty. I kept saying to myself, the buckle is good, I can get some leather and make it into a decent belt, but who am I kidding!
  9. 3 melty candles that are so wonky, you could never burn them
  10. a jar of Berry Fruits in Cognac Syrup, that are 7 years past their used by date
  11. 64MB of ram I found in a box.
  12. some jila mints that I have no idea how old they are
  13. my Sharp Electronic Organiser, with a whole 32 KB of memory. I think I got this is year 11 or something (~1993)
  14. some attachments for something, that are labeled: "Car Power thingies"

19 April, 2010

history lesson

For those of you that don't know, I lived in Mildura for a year-ish for most of 2002 and a bit of 2003. Many things happened when I lived in Mildura. I discovered Peters of Kensington, bought my motor cycle and most of my pjs and put in a order for various bits of drugs from an online chemist. One of the purchases was two jars of acidophilus bifidus, which is very good for your stomach flora health. I started on one jar while I was up there and never finished it, and brought them both back with my when I returned to Melbourne.
I was good a while ago an checked the half a jar, bit since the other jar was still sealed, I kept it. Any way, today I checked it! I am obviously not going to taken them, if I haven't in the last 8 years. Also.... the used by.... it is: 13/8/2003.
They would probable be inactive now any way (the little bifidus' and things)

02 April, 2010

finally done

The last tiny bit of the second coat on the windows in the purple room has been hanging around now for over 6 months (guessing here) and today, Good Friday, I decided I really needed to finish it!I had a good at the window sill and decided that I really must have been a bit over the hole job when I was paint stripper-ing it, cos I did the crappiest job, the windows still had soooo much paint on them that they were really had to open and close. The purple paint I had put on top of it all hadn't helped at all. So today I had to do a bit of paint scarpering to get the whole mess sorted. I'll have to really assess the whole thing tomorrow when the paint is properly dry, but I recon it's solved! Yay! another task bites the dust!

29 March, 2010

deck tidy effort

This is only the start of this tiding effort, I want the deck back, I am sick of it being covered in crap that was in the old garage.
  1. Arlec Star lights: I bought these with the vague impression in my head, that Arlec was a quality brand. Turns out they were, and this was one of their first adventures in crap outdoor electricals. A few years ago, Clara chews a few of the wires and I was going to repair them, really I was.
  2. A rusty tin of decking oil, that is soooooo rusty the lid has not been able to be removed for quite some time.
  3. A large but short bit of pipe (diameter: Nearly a foot ~25cm, length, less than a foot) that I acquired, from a skip, quite some time ago to make into a cat house. I saw the cat house in a shot and it cost a fortune. I said, "I'd be able to make that myself, piece of piss" Anyway, the cats have not been living with me for quite a few years now, so I think it's time to let go!

I was going to include a box of hair that I have been collecting as I have been trimming the dogs, but that is mostly from laziness rather than it actually being a 'belonging'

20 March, 2010

bye bye jarmies and some others

  1. When you look at them, you'll understand why they had to go. I have had these ones since I lived in Mildura since 2002. I'll miss you (of course the top is becoming a rag, but I'll keep the bottom half, there is nothing wrong with them, we have to go these things in stages you under stand!)
  2. Two more books for the book library at work. One was a present from a friend, but it's really not that me. The other is a self help book I bought at an airport and really didn't help me at all.

13 March, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life is a film that is mentioned in Red Dwarf a number of times. Today I bought it from JB, on a trip there with Fiona (which was instead of doing house work). Neil and I just watched it. I know I've had half a bottle of champagne and everything, but I really enjoyed this movie. It's no wonder at all why it is considered a classic.

04 March, 2010

Mr. Gray

I was out at an event a few weeks ago, and chatting with a very nice lady about all sorts of stuff, and the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde came up. This was a book I started to read of the inter-web many moons ago, when I discovered that I really hate reading off the screen, so I stopped and never got around to finding myself a hard copy. I mentioned my list to this lady and decided that finding a copy and reading it might be a good way to get rid of pesky task 96, that I remembered was still hanging around. Anyway, I forgot to write a post and tell you about this change, even though it has been up on the site for a while now.

OK, next bit of this long sager, I had to go to Sydney this week for work. I wanted to take my bag on the plane as carry on, but the pesky lady out the counter weighted my bag and it was two kilos over! So I checked it with out remembering to get my novel out of it. Oops. Oh well, just have to buy another one!

Then I remember Mr Gray, so I went to the book shop to try and find him. This task duly accomplished, with the help of the tall shop assistant, I started reading. This book is defiantly not my usual type of book and I don't think I even had the knack of Mr. Wilde's really long sentences, even by the end of the book. There were whole passages of dialog that I just couldn't work out what the people were on about. But over all, I think I liked it. It was quite a bit deeper and more meaningful than my usual novels. By the end I really was quite happy to pick up my David Eddings again though. Sorry, I'm just not that deep!

02 March, 2010


Well, that took a while. I have been typing all night and have finished cataloging my novels. Obviously this needs a way spiffier web page, which I'll do, but later.... not today

Author FirstnameAuthor SurnameTitlePublishedisbnpagescovergenre
DouglasAdamsThe long dark tea-time of the soul19880434009210246Hardsci fi
DouglasAdamsMostly Harmless19920434009261219Hardsci fi
DouglasAdamsStarship Titanic19970330354469241Softsci fi
DouglasAdamsThe Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy19830330258648159Softsci fi
DouglasAdamsThe Resturant and the End of the Universe19800330262130187Softsci fi
DouglasAdamsLife the Universe and Everything19820330267388162Softsci fi
DouglasAdamsSo Long and Thanks for all the Fish19840330287001191Softsci fi
DouglasAdamsDirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency19870330301624247Softsci fi
DouglasAdamsThe Meaning of Liff19830330281216191Soft
MargaretAtwoodThe Handmaid's Tale19870860688666307Softfantasy
GregBearEternity19890575046139398Softsci fi
GregBearEon19870099547104502Softsci fi
NaomiBellisTheft of Shadows20089780451223289310SoftRomance
AnneBishopDreams Made Flesh20060451460707439Softfantasy
Marion ZimmerBradleyThe Mists of Avalon199301401771911009Softfantasy
TerryBrooksMagic Kingdom for Sale - SOLD19910708882404350Softfantasy
TerryBrooksThe Black Unicorn19981857231082286Softfantasy
TerryBrooksWizard at Large19951857231031291Softfantasy
TerryBrooksThe Tangle Box19950099255510341Softfantasy
Orson ScottCardDragons of Light1983044116661X317Softfantasy
FionaCarrThe Mad Marquis20030843951869311SoftRomance
AllisonChaseDark Obsession20089780451223876359SoftRomance
CoryDaniellsThe Shadow Kingdom200218632534321393Softfantasy
DavidEddingsPawn of Prophecy1996055212284x332Softfantasy
DavidEddingsQueen of Sorcery1990055212348x327Softfantasy
DavidEddingsMagician's Gambit1996055212382x446Softfantasy
DavidEddingsCastle of Wizardry19960552124354444Softfantasy
DavidEddingsEnchanters' End Game19890552124478372Softfantasy
DavidEddingsGuardians of the West19960552130716429Softfantasy
DavidEddingsKing of the Murgos19960552130184444Softfantasy
DavidEddingsDeamon Lord of Karanda19980552130192399Softfantasy
DavidEddingsSorceress of Darshiva19960552130206396Softfantasy
DavidEddingsSeeress of Kell19960552130214444Softfantasy
DavidEddingsBelgarath the Sorcerer19960586213155840Softfantasy
DavidEddingsPolgara the Sorceress19980586123147807Softfantasy
Raymond EFeistDaughter of the Empire19880586074813528Softfantasy
Raymond EFeistServant of the Empire19910586203818827Softfantasy
Raymond EFeistMistress of the Empire19920586203796860Softfantasy
Raymond EFeistPrince of the Blood19900586071407396Softfantasy
Raymond EFeistMagician19890586058281831Softfantasy
Raymond EFeistSilverthorn19950586064176432Softfantasy
Raymond EFeistA Darkness at Sethanon19870586066888527Softfantasy
DonnaFletcherThe Daring Twin20050060757825375SoftRomance
DianaGabaldonLord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade20039780099463337623SoftRomance
DianaGabaldonThe Fiery Cross200100997100131412SoftRomance
DianaGabaldonA Breath of Snow and Ashes200797800992782451391SoftRomance
DianaGabaldonCross Stitch19970099911701863SoftRomance
DianaGabaldonLord John and the Private Matter20049780099461173380SoftRomance
DianaGabaldonDrums of Autumn199700996643131185SoftRomance
DianaGabaldonDragonfly in Amber19940099294710963SoftRomance
WilliamGoldmanThe Princess Bride19870345348036283SoftRomance
RobGrantBackwards19960140171509342Softsci fi
PeterHainingThe Wizards of Odd19970099174421300Soft
TraciHardingan Echo in Time19970732258898656SoftRomance
KarenHawkinsSleepless in Scotland20099781416560258355SoftRomance
Barb and J.C.HendeeDhampir20030451459067376Softfantasy
FrankHerbertDune Messiah19840450022854221Softsci fi
FrankHerbertDune19840450011844605Softsci fi
GeorgetteHeyerThe Convenient Marriage19820330103040236SoftRomance
GeorgetteHeyerThe Reluctant Widow19680330200712287SoftRomance
GeorgetteHeyerThe Quiet Gentleman19980749304502343SoftRomance
GeorgetteHeyerRegency Buck1962SoftRomance
GeorgetteHeyerApril Lady19981875980776268SoftRomance
GeorgetteHeyerPistols for Two19981875980776240SoftRomance
RobinHobbAssassin's Quest1998000648011x838Softfantasy
RobinHobbRoyal Assassin19960006480101752Softfantasy
RobinHobbAssassin's Apprentice19960006480098480Softfantasy
AnneHolmI am David19840416884709191Soft
DorothyHoughtonBedknobs and Broomsticks19790450032868126Soft
JackieIvieHeat of the Knight20070821780131383SoftRomance
Diana WynneJonesThe Lives of Christopher Chant20000006755186319Softfantasy
Diana WynneJonesMixed Magics20000006755291171Softfantasy
Diana WynneJonesWild Robert2001000675524094Softfantasy
Diana WynneJonesThe Homeward Bounders19830416229409224Softfantasy
Diana WynneJonesFire & Hemlock19870416040225341Softfantasy
Diana WynneJonesArcher's Goon1994074970909x241Softfantasy
Diana WynneJonesDrowned Ammet19930749712538312Softfantasy
Diana WynneJonesA Tale of Time City19900749704403285Softfantasy
Diana WynneJonesThe Merlin Conspiracy20040007151403473Softfantasy
Diana WynneJonesHowl's Moving Castle20000006755232302Softfantasy
Diana WynneJonesCharmed Life20000006755151252Softfantasy
Diana WynneJonesCastle in the Air19900416157823208Hardfantasy
RobertJordanThe Shadow Rising199308125137381006Softfantasy
RobertJordanThe Great Hunt19921857230242707Softfantasy
RobertJordanThe Eye of the World19971857230760814Softfantasy
RobertJordanThe Dragon Reborn19961857230655699Softfantasy
C.S.LewisThe Last Battle19900006716695172Softfantasy
C.S.LewisThe Silver Chair19850006716687206Softfantasy
C.S.LewisThe Voyage of the Dawntreader19880006716652189Softfantasy
C.S.LewisPrince Caspian19900006716644190Softfantasy
C.S.LewisThe Horse and His Boy19890006716660175Softfantasy
C.S.LewisThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe19880006716636171Softfantasy
C.S.LewisThe Magician's Nephew19890006716679171Softfantasy
KatieMacAlisterNoble Intentions20020843949651329SoftRomance
KatieMacAlisterNoble Destiny20030843951435366SoftRomance
KinleyMacGregorClaiming the Highlander20020380817896373SoftRomance
KinleyMacGregorTaming the Scotsman20030380817918374SoftRomance
KinleyMacGregorBorn in Sin2003038081790x372SoftRomance
KinleyMacGregorThe Worrior20079780060769979344SoftRomance
JulianMayIntervention19880330303090668Softsci fi
RobinMcKinleyThe Blue Sword19870441068804248Softfantasy
RobinMcKinleyThe Hero and the Crown19910708881645246Softfantasy
RobinMcKinleyRose Daughter19980441005837292Softfantasy
RobinMcKinleySpindles End20010441008658354Softfantasy
MargaretMitchellGoen with the Wind03302400481011Soft
L.M.MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables19870207155437256Soft
L.M.MontgomeryChronicles of Avonlea19890207155453236Soft
L.M.MontgomeryAnne of the Island19900207123527221Hard
L.M.MontgomeryAnne of Ingleside19880207157219252Soft
L.M.MontgomeryAnne of Windy Willows19880207157197224Soft
L.M.MontgomeryRainbow Valley19890207157227310Soft
DebraMullinsThe Night Before the Wedding20089780060799311373SoftRomance
GrantNaylorRed Dwarf - Omnibus19920140174664553Softsci fi
DougNaylorLast Human19950143892310Softsci fi
RuthParkMy Sister Sif19880140340009180Soft
TerryPratchettThe Colour of Magic19950552124753285Softfantasy
TerryPratchettThe Light Fantastic19950552128481285Softfantasy
TerryPratchettEqual Rites19940552131059283Softfantasy
TerryPratchettWyrd Sisters19950552134600252Softfantasy
TerryPratchettGuards! Guards!19950552134627317Softfantasy
TerryPratchettFaust Eric19960575600012155Softfantasy
TerryPratchettMoving Pictures19950552134635333Softfantasy
TerryPratchettReaper Man19940552134643287Softfantasy
TerryPratchettWitches Abroad19950552134651286Softfantasy
TerryPratchettSmall Gods19950552138908381Softfantasy
TerryPratchettLords and Ladies19960552138916382Softfantasy
TerryPratchettMen at Arms19940552140287381Softfantasy
TerryPratchettSoul Music19950552140295378Softfantasy
TerryPratchettInteresting Times19950552142352352Softfantasy
TerryPratchettFeet of Clay19970552142379415Softfantasy
TerryPratchettThe Last Continent19990552146145412Softfantasy
TerryPratchettCarpe Jugulum19990552146153425Softfantasy
TerryPratchettThe Fifth Elephant20000552146161460Softfantasy
TerryPratchettThe Truth20010552147680444Softfantasy
TerryPratchettThief of Time20020552148407430Softfantasy
TerryPratchettNight Watch20030552148997474Softfantasy
TerryPratchettGood Omens19970552137030383Softfantasy
AnneRiceThe Tale of the Body Thief1992034538475x435Softfantasy
AnneRiceThe Witching Hour199101401320311206Softfantasy
JaneRoutleyMage Heart20000732268826470SoftRomance
J.K.RowlingHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone19970747532745223Softfantasy
J.K.RowlingHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets20000747538484251Softfantasy
J.K.RowlingHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban20000747546290317Softfantasy
J.K.RowlingHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire20000747550999636Softfantasy
J.K.RowlingHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix20030747561079766Softfantasy
J.K.RowlingHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows20089780747595830607Softfantasy
J.K.RowlingHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince20069780747584674768Softfantasy
Sheri STepperBeauty19920586213058476Softfantasy
J.R.R.TolkienThe Hobbit19930261102214285Softfantasy
FayWeldonGrowing Rich19920006544959250Soft
FayWeldonThe Cloning of Joanna May19930006545939265Soft
VeronicaWolffMaster of the Highlands20089780425218990291SoftRomance
JaneYolenThe Pit Dragon Trilogy19981568659008470Hardfantasy
RogerZelaznyNine Princes in Amber19720380014300175Softfantasy
RogerZelaznyThe Guns of Avalon19740380000830223Softfantasy
RogerZelaznySign of the Unicorn19750380008319192Softfantasy
RogerZelaznyThe Hand of Oberon19770380016648188Softfantasy
RogerZelaznyThe Courts of Chaos19780380471752142Softfantasy
RogerZelaznyTrumps of Doom19860380896354184Softfantasy
RogerZelaznyBlood of Amber19870380896362215Softfantasy
RogerZelaznySign of Chaos19880380896370217Softfantasy
RogerZelaznyKnight of Shadows19900380755017251Softfantasy
RogerZelaznyPrince of Chaos19920380755025241Softfantasy
RogerZelaznyA Rose for Ecclesiastes1969189Softfantasy

01 March, 2010

It's over

ok, so apart this last weekend (birthday party that had really nice free Champaign and friends dropping round for pizza), the dry month wasn't as bad as I thought. This means I have proven to myself that I am not an alcoholic, which is nice.
That being said, I am totally going home from work tonight and having a cider.

28 February, 2010


  1. Two really old crap plastic containers I used to store dog food in that have been empty in the laundry for about 5 or 6 years
  2. a ground sheet we bought when the garage fell down to cover the lawn mower that has been thoroughly 'puppied'
  3. a crappy old rug, as per the item above re:Puppies
  4. half a bag of grout in a plastic ice cream bucket that has been sitting in the laundry (and various other places) since Mum did the bath room about 8 years ago and has gone all hard
  5. two large Infasoy tins I have had for 11 years and haven't used in 7 years, yes they might be useful one day but I think they have been waiting long enough

22 February, 2010

Business lunch

The other day, Neil and I had a business lunch. It was to Mezzo, in Little Bourke Street. Although the menu had a little bit more seafood on it than Neil would have preferred and it was a fair bit flasher than I usually go for lunch, it was quite good.

frog prince

Although my course is still ongoing and I will be doing another larger project, I am going to mark this task complete, as I have produced my first thing:frog prince

31 January, 2010

short month

Given that tomorrow is the start of the shortest month between now and the end of my challenge, I declare it to be dry month.


  1. three shirts - these are now all too small, and even though I made one, they have to go.
  2. two dresses - again, even though I made one, they are both too small, and have to go
Maybe this will get me more motivated to practice the skills from task 13 and get moving on task 24.

review is complete

The finalisation of the last task, for the last time, marks the completion of my second (and final) mid term review om my list!
Now, onwards to the end of my challenge in 275 days!

Final task change

Old Task: Invite Rowan round for tea
New Task: Read "The Picture of Dorian Gray"
I was at a party last night and discussed this story last night and was reminded that I have always meant to read it. Remembering I had one last task to replace I decided it was an opportunity. This means this task goes from general to entertainment.

surprise ending

last night I watched the last episode of Farscape (I had watched all the other episodes too, I didn't just skip to the last one). I'm still not sure if I liked the ending, which I obviously won't tell you anything about, except to say that it shocked me! On the whole I have to say there series took me a while to get in to, but I really liked it in the end.

22 January, 2010


This was a very pleasant surprise. We went here this evening, because we could get a car park close to it, I actually wanted to only go to the chemist that was near by.
The place is very flash looking and I was thinking it would be fairly expensive, but it turned out to be very reasonable. After I saw the prices my expectations for the food went down, but I was really surprised. I had the steak and it was GREAT! There were hardly any crappy bits and it was a really good amount of food. I will defiantly go back again another time.

17 January, 2010


Ok, so this angle:meringue The Pie looks great!

Unfortunately, after removal of the pan and paper, it didn't look so great.
lemon meringue soup
I think the issue was that the recipe was designed for one of those pans with the low crinkly edges, and I didn't have one of those. When my lemony stuff in the middle didn't really set properly, there was nothing to hold it all up. On the plus side, even thought it looks more like lemon meringue soup, it was really tasty!

13 January, 2010

New task!

I have decided what this task is, but I am not going to tell you yet, cos for some of the people who read this, I want it to be a surprise! Yes it is staying a travel based task.

I feel lighter

  1. Crappy old cheep arse Asian inspired jewelery box that I have had for years that Dad abandoned in some student accommodation years ago. I was only keeping it at all because I had no where else to keep my jewelery
  2. one pair of earrings, that even though I made, I don't think I have ever warn.
  3. three necklaces which although I loved them when I was 15, I have grown out of a bit. I gave them to my bosses boss at work for his two under 10 daughters. He thinks they will love them! A good out come all round.
This weekend, if we don't end up going to Beaufort, I will be chucking out some clothes, again.

08 January, 2010

This is a quote from Paul:

Don't be afraid to add new goals, and don't be afraid to discard old ones. Life is a process of continuous change, and there's no shame if your priorities or circumstances don't remain static. However when evaluating your goals, try to be aware of why they're changing; that can often reveal insights into yourself you may not otherwise notice.

I like it and think I should bare it in mind for my list.

05 January, 2010


So, because of the approaching deadline for my list, I have slightly re-worded this task to include a few food based events we have already had, to help me get this one ticked off a bit faster.
First this event was a mostly impromptu gathering of people to eat some of Neil's yummy Mexican. Yum!
Then there was Neil's 21st/30th/40th we held in December last year, which I only just now realised I never did a post about after the event. It was a great party, we had a spit and a keg, many guests and a great time. There were a few people that didn't turn up or even respond to the invite, but they were the ones who really missed out so boo-hoo to them.


I went to Mrs Parma's again last night for dinner. I was a bit of a spur of the moment thing. I happened to be walking past it with my caching buddy and we were both hungry, so in we went.
Anyway on to the food. On the whole the best words I can use are "It was only food". There was nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't anything out of the box. The only redeeming feature of the evening was that they had pear cider on tap, that was great, if expensive. I don't think I'll be hurrying back, at least not for a meal.

01 January, 2010

foods i don't like: Lettuce

lettuce other than iceberg any way. I know I am totally fussy when it comes to lettuce. I will generally not order any salads in restaurants, even thought they are usually a 'healthy' option, as I hate so many sorts of lettuce, and people think it's soooo trendy to use all the non-iceberg varieties. Lately I have been trying some other sorts, and (drum roll please) have been slightly softening my 'only iceberg' stance. Here are my conclusions:
  • Iceberg: original and still the best
  • Cos: with dressing, with out the last 2 inches of stork peole always seem to include with it, it OK
  • Rocket: Still a big NO, it tastes like dirt
  • Red lettuce: it's ok, in SMALL (and I mean small) quantities
  • other crinkerly green lettuce: with dressing in small amounts
  • stuff that looks like weeds I grow in the back yard: Still NO

Lead lighting

Mum used to do this, and I have always thought it looks cool, or at least has to potential to. As my house isn't 'period' I think I would have to be very careful with how any lead light was implemented, other wise it could look a bit .... dumb. But there is no harm in doing a course. Here is what I am thinking of going with. I am also thinking I might change one of the other 'course' task to this (cool glass bead making!).