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30 April, 2009


I am not normally a big spender on food. It's just something you have to do, but should involve chocolate, when ever possible. Anyway I noticed that, depending on how you count these things, the 31st of April would be our 15th Anniversary. So I booked us in for a romantic dinner a 15 Melbourne. It's lucky I spent a few weeks psyching myself, as it was quite expensive, but it was also very classy food. No my only wish is that restaurants that charge half as much, would start serving similar amounts of food, as each dish was a good size that you could eat with out feeling like you ready to roll home after the entrée.

20 April, 2009

one room down

I forgot to mention, as I have been posting this stuff on my 'usual' blog. So please go a head and read there about the whole project

12 April, 2009

4 inches and others

  1. 4 inches of shit from my bookshelf, including instructions for games I haven't played in years, a 2003 prospectus from Melbourne Uni for post-grad study and heaps of ArcGIS stuff for versions no one uses and more.!! Yay
  2. Some food I found in my room, that we don't eveen want to talk about was sooooo far past it's used by date....

02 April, 2009

Motorcycle group ride

OK, so it's true that when I thought of this task, I had only envisaged a ride with me Neil Scott and one or two others I could scrape up, but when the BMW Club "Circum Vic Major Mitchell Trail" trip came up, I decided it was two good an opportunity, as I had always wanted to do the Major Mitchell Trail too! (shame I never made that a task on my list really!!)
So we have been and come back, it was a huge week, and mostly it was fantastic! I really enjoyed it and will seriously think of doing another one. Here are my posts about it.