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Start: Wednesday 6th of February 2008 End: Wednesday 3rd of November 2010

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26 April, 2010

More things... out

  1. 100m long fax paper roll I picked up at work... why did I do that?
  2. One of my original woggles (from Guides) that the puppies recently chewed (little buggers)
  3. various cords we couldn't work out what they were for
  4. My lab coat from uni. It was second hand when I got it, it was wee-ed on god knows how long ago, stinks and is full of holes.
I think that's enough for today

24 April, 2010

more chucks and freecycle

FreeCycle is a cool way to get rid of stuff you have that is still good, but you can't be arsed selling it and you just don't want it in the house anymore. I highly recommend you find a local group and cruse the listings, or even add to them your self.
  1. Kate's old single bed (she gave me permission to get rid of this)
  2. 6 foot tall inflatable penguin. Sorry person who gave me this, but what were you thinking?!?!?
Other things that have gone today that were on Freecycle include:
  1. Fire mapping notes from 2006
  2. phone car charger from about 3 phones ago
  3. box of CD's and shit from my original PC, purchased in 2005
  4. A while ago, i experimented with Space Bags as a whay to save on storage space. Lets just say.... they don't work. So chucking two of these
  5. OMG I just found pay slips from 1997 and 1998! GONE!
  6. My original sunglasses (I might see if there is a place you can give glasses to, I have a feeling there is, other wise they are for the bin)
  7. my original High School calculator Canon F-600
  8. a cheep arse belt that came free with a skirt and is all ratty. I kept saying to myself, the buckle is good, I can get some leather and make it into a decent belt, but who am I kidding!
  9. 3 melty candles that are so wonky, you could never burn them
  10. a jar of Berry Fruits in Cognac Syrup, that are 7 years past their used by date
  11. 64MB of ram I found in a box.
  12. some jila mints that I have no idea how old they are
  13. my Sharp Electronic Organiser, with a whole 32 KB of memory. I think I got this is year 11 or something (~1993)
  14. some attachments for something, that are labeled: "Car Power thingies"

19 April, 2010

history lesson

For those of you that don't know, I lived in Mildura for a year-ish for most of 2002 and a bit of 2003. Many things happened when I lived in Mildura. I discovered Peters of Kensington, bought my motor cycle and most of my pjs and put in a order for various bits of drugs from an online chemist. One of the purchases was two jars of acidophilus bifidus, which is very good for your stomach flora health. I started on one jar while I was up there and never finished it, and brought them both back with my when I returned to Melbourne.
I was good a while ago an checked the half a jar, bit since the other jar was still sealed, I kept it. Any way, today I checked it! I am obviously not going to taken them, if I haven't in the last 8 years. Also.... the used by.... it is: 13/8/2003.
They would probable be inactive now any way (the little bifidus' and things)

02 April, 2010

finally done

The last tiny bit of the second coat on the windows in the purple room has been hanging around now for over 6 months (guessing here) and today, Good Friday, I decided I really needed to finish it!I had a good at the window sill and decided that I really must have been a bit over the hole job when I was paint stripper-ing it, cos I did the crappiest job, the windows still had soooo much paint on them that they were really had to open and close. The purple paint I had put on top of it all hadn't helped at all. So today I had to do a bit of paint scarpering to get the whole mess sorted. I'll have to really assess the whole thing tomorrow when the paint is properly dry, but I recon it's solved! Yay! another task bites the dust!