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26 September, 2008

2 resturants in one day

More by good luck than good management, I managed to try two new restaurants yesterday, yes one of them was a pub, but I don't care, this task is starting to fall behind!
The Elms Family Hotel ~ a little country pub in the heart of Melbourne
Wow, this place was an education. Hardly any women in there, non-matching plates, lots of 50 plus fat old men, cheep good food and drinks, being glared at by fellow customers for swearing. I think I'll go again! (Way better than the crappy Impy.)
Bombay Crown
We have been having a bit of trouble with 2 out of 3 of our curry places, and unfortunately, they are the two that deliver, and being essentially lazy, this causes us issues. This place was recommended to us by Neil's brother, and like many of his recommendations, it didn't look great. We ordered two standards, Vindaloo and Saag. They were both great and they deliver!! Good bye Everest and Himalayas! (The man was nice too)

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beesknees said...

sounds like my kinda pub. speaking of which its well past beer o'clock!