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27 December, 2010

More chucking out of stuff

  1. My year 12 formal dress. It's never going to fit again, I have no where to keep it.
  2. My lamby when when I was a baby, it's torn and worn out.
  3. my bag of socks that need darning, seriously I will never to it, I have gotten over it!

So even though this now counts this task as completed, now that I have started, I think will continue to chuck stuff out, because I seem to be doing so well at it!


We visited Mum and Dad yesterday, which I think makes three times this year. I don't think I have visited three times every year, because of a little 'issue' at one stage there, but I have this year so good enough.

12 December, 2010

bored = chuck stuff out

As a result of this post, I have decided I need to through some stuff out. I have decided cloths look like an easy target so here goes
  1. 5 pairs of pants (trousers for those of you that way inclined) to the op shop
  2. 9 t-shirts, to the op shop
  3. 3 shirts to the op shop
  4. two hand bags, one to the bin, one to the op shop
  5. one purse
  6. one sun hat, it's bright orange, I am never going to wear it.
  7. 4 shirts
  8. 3 sandals, 2 bin, one op shop, bye guys, I'll miss two of you anyway! Especially the red ones Clara chewed when she was a puppy, they were great.
  9. my old camera box and instructions, I only haven't had that camera for 2 years.
  10. an empty Cointreau bottle, honestly, why do I keep this shit!
  11. Do you recon Body Shop things go off? So do I and I've had the stuff I chucked out since 2002.

10 December, 2010

oooo Shiney

No Words I'm afraid :)