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04 July, 2009

Books - 2 gone

  1. A lady at work decided that there should be a swap library on our floor, so I decided to donate some books that I didn't really like of mine. I thought I had heaps. Turns out there were only two. Oh well, better than nothing!

Pleasant night out

The other night I had to drop some Intimo off. Rather than have one or other of us travel the 28 km we live apart, though really crap traffic, we decided to meet in the middle and have dinner. We went to the Magic City restaurant in Camberwell. This is a "Pan-Asian style" restaurant, which while I felt this was a little odd, the food was quite good. Nice sized dishes, tasty, but a bit expensive for my liking (remember: tight-arse speaking). Anyway, the company was excellent and of course, the Intimo is not dropped off and that's the main thing!