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27 March, 2008


Well, I am more or less looking after the Scottie Club of Victoria's website now. It seems a bit of a hollow win, as there are still a few issue I'm not too happy over, but hopefully they will resolve themselves...........
Note: Can't really do a picture for this one, but I have included a link

number 8

Man, making the eight was way easier than trying to make this poxy photo of 2 photos in one I have made for you!
an 8 from my advent calendar
But it's done :) now on to the next thing........


  1. ~1,000,000 wire coat hangers
  2. 4 x sachets of stainless steal cleaners I don't use anymore cos I use Enjos
  3. 7 years past it's used by date 5 Mushroom Extract
  4. Click Clack thing (its a toy, I don't know it's proper name)
  5. Polystyrene from Day lite box (notice I haven't said the box :( )

23 March, 2008


Recently, we have had cause to discover just how much stuff we have. It is even more stuff than I thought when I invented these tasks. Anyway hopefully these tasks will help us live in a more tidy ordered world, and may be even chuck some stuff out. I am very jealous of the people who can just chuck stuff.


for a while now (like my whole life) I have really been a bit keen on sparkly things. Anything shiny is good. For a while I was quite keen on getting married, you know, the big dress, guests the whole disaster. How ever, I have now had a few friends do it, and MAN I could not be bothered, and the expense, lets not go there! (I am somewhat of a tight ares!) Anyway, the shiny/sparkly thing is still there and I really think I'd like a ring. A few months ago (nearly 12 now) Neil gave me a hair tie, which I have been wearing, to the point now that it has no elasticity and is nearly a foot long, hence it is looped over 8 times to fit on my finger. I'd love to replace it as

  • it looks awful
  • it smells
  • it isn't shiny, or sparkly

Anyway, I have decided that the only way I'm going to get said sparkly, is to buy my own, but I'm not admitting defeat yet, after all this list still has a while to go.

Science works

I was sitting at the bus stop the other day, and a bus went past (obviously not the one I was going to get on, other wise this would be a post on my normal blog, and the the rant heading talking about missing stoopied buses) and it had an add on the back for science work. I thought "gees I haven't been there in an AGE" so here it is, I have added task 100!!! Only one to go now!

more things

  1. worn out dino slippers
  2. kinda surprise yellow turtle crayon
  3. 4 videos (hmmm still a lot to come I think)

15 March, 2008

I feel so much lighter

I have started the throw out. I think it is going to be harder than I thought, but I feel better about it than I was expecting, at least so far anyway.
Here is what I have thrown away/op shopped/giving Mum or Kate a go at taking before it goes out so far:
  1. eye thing from flight to/from the UK
  2. broken straw hat
  3. Priceline Club card
  4. Tiny jam jar from out UK trip
  5. Op shop bag that has been in my room for MONTHS
  6. Buzzy bee bag
  7. Neutrimetics handbag, it was free
  8. $1 handbag
  9. Devil costume (tail and horns)
  10. 4 drink bottles
  11. dog chewed torch
  12. 2 x cool tall but useless bottles
  13. tamagotchi
  14. freeze dried hike food, found in cupboard (used by 1995)
  15. glass jar, find of cool, never used (regularly anyway)
  16. GCC show bag
  17. tiny useless basket (held cards and post cards, not use where to put them now)
  18. crappy ring I found on the ground
  19. broken Mickey Mouse talking alarm clock
  20. odd plastic containers, with no lids
  21. Bike Vic lanyard

12 March, 2008


I like courses, mostly. A few of these I wanted to get work to pay for (6 thinking hats, and lead lighting (we had a lot of money left one year, I kept suggesting it as a joke)) Other Neil and I have talked about for a while (dancing, thats it really). The pattern drafting is because I get sick of spending hours making cloths only to have to spend more hour adjusting them to fit me, cos I am completely unable to get the 3D thing in my head properly with the pattern pieces. So far I haven't had heaps of luck finding a course to fit the bill.... I'll keep looking.


I'm not much of a gardener, but I really love the idea of it. I get enthused every now and then, and plant things. But then I forget/loose interest and they die, or at least flag. I really want to do better at this. Particularly the trees. My old house had a lemon tree and it sucks having to buy lemons. Almost every house in our street has an olive tree and both of us love the idea of an olive tree. and herb, well, don't get me started on herbs. It's not that they are that expensive from the shop, it's just that you end up wasting half of them cos they come in these huge bunches, anyway, I'll jest get on and plant them and stop crapping on


Whilst in the strictest terms I have already done this one, twice in fact (ie: I have issues the invitation) Said Neil's mother has yet to actually appear. Not that I'm pissed or anything.............

08 March, 2008

Ironing is done

So apart from one last minutes issue which I am too angry to go into just now, this t-shirt is done. It looks a bit better in 'person' than in this photo, the flash seems to do something odd to it. This photo was taken before the ironing:

07 March, 2008

Canvasing done

So I have canvased the crew, and votes are in: Dinner seems to be the preferred option by virtue of the fact that no one cared if it was dinner or lunch except for one person, who preferred dinner, so dinner it is! The only issue is then likely to be what day? As the Swiss Clubs ours are a bit odd. I have yet to ring them, but it looks like with a booking, on a Friday, we'll be sorted!

03 March, 2008

Under way

Here's me painting my shirt.........

01 March, 2008

not that impressed

so, whilst I was in Canberra, I put a coat of the leather treatment that came with my bag on it. It didn't seem to do anything, so I'm going to discuss other options with Mum. She knows everything, she'll know what to do! I'm thinking the same shit I put on my shoes, but a really thin coat........