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12 March, 2008


I'm not much of a gardener, but I really love the idea of it. I get enthused every now and then, and plant things. But then I forget/loose interest and they die, or at least flag. I really want to do better at this. Particularly the trees. My old house had a lemon tree and it sucks having to buy lemons. Almost every house in our street has an olive tree and both of us love the idea of an olive tree. and herb, well, don't get me started on herbs. It's not that they are that expensive from the shop, it's just that you end up wasting half of them cos they come in these huge bunches, anyway, I'll jest get on and plant them and stop crapping on


beesknees said...

lemon trees are just the bestest. speaking of citrus, did I ever tell you how last time we were at Dads someone apparently came into the backyard and took all the reachable grapefruits off the tree. one day the tree was full of fruit the next day they were all gone. thats a LOT of grapefruits. how weird.

Louise said...

very, maybe they thought they were oranges, or something useful!