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29 April, 2008

meet the plants

Meet Mint and Italian parsley!

27 April, 2008

Slow and steady

I am throwing out more and more stuff!!
  1. Keys from cars we have gotten rid of
  2. $50 tin (tin with a $50 printed on it)
  3. Perspex document holder
  4. Excess shower head (yay free-cycle)


Last night we went out for diner at Saba's in Ivanhoe. It was quite good, we had lamb. We will go there again.

26 April, 2008

kitchen cupboard

Ooooo how exciting, Neil and I love these cupboards. Now we have two of our own!!!


Neil wants to call this plant Mothera. I'm not sure why, it's something to do with Godzilla or something, what ever. I'm happy there is a plant in the bathroom again.

Starting Small

I thought it would be a good idea to start small on the herb garden, so I have only gotten two as a start.

24 April, 2008

café on bourke

we went to Café on Bourke today for lunch. It was quite nice, nothing really out of the box, just food. But I did learn a few very important things:

  • I don't get out enough
  • I go to too many cheap restaurants
  • Neil and I really just don't talk when we are hungry
  • there should NOT be TV's in restaurants

07 April, 2008


  1. 1 bottle of 4 years paste it's used by date chocolate sause.
  2. 13 empty CD covers

one down.........

This evening, when we went to go to the post office and get milk, we accidentally locked our selves out of the house. Oops. Anyway, when we got to the milk shop, there was a restaurant next door that we hadn't tried before, so we decided, since all that was waiting for us at home was breaking in, that we would give it a try. It was a kind of traditional old school looking Italian restaurant. It was called La Casareccia. I ordered Veal Parama (it was called something else, but thats what it was) and Neil had a spicy pasta. Mine came with chips and salad, which for me is always a bit of a risk, as I have very specific lettuce requirements. Anyway, it took a while, but when it arrived OMG it had REAL lettuce, you know, Iceberg, the only lettuce, none of this weed crap. Yay sooooo excited!
Neil was pleased with his pasta, nothing really out of the box, but good tasty food.
The only downer of the experience was the screaming small child at one of the other tables. The stupid mother kept trying to reason with it, which wasn't going to work as it was an under 5. Eventually she took it outside, and it kept screaming out there!

04 April, 2008


Hmmmmm Maybe I need to sort of combine these two tasks. I have been looking at my list of movies and trying to decide if it is meant to me a 'list of all time movies Louise likes' of more of a 'list of movies Louise is yet to acquire' If I combined them both, with my list of movies I already have, maybe this would work?
So then the question remains of how? Do I
  • preserve with the list at the bottom of the blog
  • find a web site that lets you catalog this sort of shit, cos I'm sure there is one
  • make a spiffy access DB (yes, super nerd speaking!)
  • get me self a note book and make scrappy illegible notes in it, but at least I can carry it around with me

Decisions decisions!!!
(OK you can vote now!)

01 April, 2008

new and improved list

I have made a new and improved list for the bottom of the page (just scroll down to look) Tonight I am going to up date the entries to be true, at the moment they are only the best guess from my memory.