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28 February, 2010


  1. Two really old crap plastic containers I used to store dog food in that have been empty in the laundry for about 5 or 6 years
  2. a ground sheet we bought when the garage fell down to cover the lawn mower that has been thoroughly 'puppied'
  3. a crappy old rug, as per the item above re:Puppies
  4. half a bag of grout in a plastic ice cream bucket that has been sitting in the laundry (and various other places) since Mum did the bath room about 8 years ago and has gone all hard
  5. two large Infasoy tins I have had for 11 years and haven't used in 7 years, yes they might be useful one day but I think they have been waiting long enough

22 February, 2010

Business lunch

The other day, Neil and I had a business lunch. It was to Mezzo, in Little Bourke Street. Although the menu had a little bit more seafood on it than Neil would have preferred and it was a fair bit flasher than I usually go for lunch, it was quite good.

frog prince

Although my course is still ongoing and I will be doing another larger project, I am going to mark this task complete, as I have produced my first thing:frog prince