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17 November, 2008

Dinner and Beer

I forgot to mention that we went to the Little Creature food hall. It was a little over priced for me (remembering that I am a complete tight arse) there was cider, on tap, and the food we had, whilst not strictly speaking a meal (chips and pizza) was nice, if a bit 'flash' for my taste. I think it's safe for you to go there if you want.


beesknees said...

well, if it makes you feel less like a tight arse (although I'm a bad yard stick for tight arsedness)- I went to the one in Freemantle and while I'm only guessing that the prices are similar, I thought it was a total rip-off and while the food as you said quite nice, it was totally wanky. why does everything have to be crusted, served with jus, in stacks, on beds of whatever or wilted these days? I bet they weren't chips either, but golden fries with aioli or something. sorry, ranting

Neil said...

Nope, but the chips were "hand-cut" with mayonaise (that tasted suspiciously like aioli). And the pizza was wanky. Potato, rosemary and buffalo mozarella (buffalos now make Italian cheeses - can't wait to try aged Buffalo parmesan made by old-age pensioner buffalos!). Nice, but wanky.