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28 June, 2009

VCMC dinner

The food here was very nice, but a rich for me. I was sitting next to a bloke who worked for SKM, thankfully and perhaps surprisingly, I hardly bagged SKM at all, that was lucky! I had many beverages, a freaky crab entrée and a beef cheek (really fatty) main (bit disappointing). Desert was yum, mini cakes (chocolate, blood orange tart and creme caramel).

edit: Just noticed I didn't mention that the restaurant was called Matteo's.

07 June, 2009


Introducing my new task 88: Have a dry month. I drink a bit too much, and I'm sure it's not helping my overall weight loss. So rather than have some poxy weight loss goal, which I would just make my self feel bad about if I never got too (sorry all those of you our there who have a weight loss goal, it's nothing personal) I think this is a better haw to approach the problem, and it's probable better for my liver too.


I am now a true Melbournian. I have been to a football match,the came was Hawthorn v's Sydney - (Hawks v's Swans). I went with my Aunt, who cos regularly. I'm not sure I could very have that sort of commitment. I must say it was better than I thought. It was quite good to hear all the cheering, although I can't relate to the booing, that just doesn't seem right. Here is a picture of the players:
the players
And here is my pie:
Cos as you know (or if you didn't, you do now) you must have a pie, with sauce at the footy.

03 June, 2009

Filing - Done, enough

Well we finally decided to purchase some off the shelf software for the catalogue of DVD's and I think this has been money well spent. This software allows you to enter the barcode of the DVD, off the packet and is searches it's DB to see if it is already there. If it is, it downloads all the information bout the movie (actors, crew, dates, packaging, regions etc) and WOW the DVD is added. If the barcode isn't there, which to be honest happens a bit, and you know, we live in Australia, and there just arn;t that many people here, you can type in the title. It then searches every instance of that title in it's DB and you can pick the entry closest to your (ie cover packaging) and change any details that differ, in most cases, simple the region! Very smart!

So as I said, done-ish, there are a few really odd ball DVD's that Neil has that I would have to enter from scratch, so I have decided to delegate these to Neil, after all, they are his, and call this task done! Now all we have to do is stop buying more! RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

Better late than never

This was quite a few days ago now, but I haven't gotten around to posting until now. Neil and I went to the Don Vincenzo restaurant on Brunswick Street on the way home from work. We were running really late home, it was raining and we had no food at home anyway, so I suggested stopping. The food was really very tasty. I had the special lamb pasta and Neil had the special gnocchi. Both were excellent, the place was reasonable priced and a very pleasant dinning experience.