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26 May, 2008

Edinburgh Castle Hotel

I have been meaning to get to the Edinburgh Castle on a Monday for their $10 roo and wine meal for quite some time. We finally made it there with Steve from work and a Canadian bloke who is here this week to deliver a training course for us. The food was really good.
I was struck by the number of young cool people in the restaurant with small children. I was feeling quite threatened by them, as they looked 'cooler' than me, the supposedly young hip person with NO children, and there they where, with their tiny kids, looking 'cooler' than me!!! What am I doing wrong?
One other thing, I remember when I was small and living in the eastern suburbs, even I knew that the Edinburgh Castle was a really rough pub, where you could get knifed and stuff, so how come now it is suddenly a family pub?

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beesknees said...

hmmm, this place sounds vaguely familiar but cant really remember it or its reputation. all the dodgy places or becoming popular with the two-bob trendies these days. sigh.