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31 May, 2008

The Paragon

I don't know that I will ever understand my sister. I'll leave it at that, or I will get in trouble and move on to the restaurant.
Mum, Me, Kate, Kathy and my aunt went to a wool fair. I had decided not to buy anything, so of course I spent ~$40. I bought a whole load of knitting needles, some stitch holders, a stitch counter, a book I looked at last year and some wool to make some thing out of the book (the wool was only $16, and I could have bought the other brand and that would have cost $90, so in a way I actually saved a whole lot of money :) )
Ooooo side track....... after that we decided it was time to get lunch, what with it being 12 o'clock and all. So Kate decided we would go to Rathdowne St, as everyone was being very indecisive. We ended up at this place called The Paragon where lunch was going to cost us around $20 per meal. I don't spend this much on a meal for dinner, what with me being a general tight arse and everything. Anyway, I just decided to shut up, after only one comment (I could see that Kathy and Fay were also slightly green at the $$$) and just order. I had a pasta with olives and mushrooms and broccoli. A bit oily, but tasty.
I don't think I will be visiting there again though. (baring a Tatts win, you know how it is!)

29 May, 2008

Napier Hotel

A pub again, I am wondering now if I should be counting these as new 'restaurants' but I will for now, and try not to do any more from now on. This meal was really 'pub fair'. It wasn't bad, just nothing out of the bag. I had a steak burger, it had a potato cake in it. I gave up on that about half way through and took it out. Other than that it was good.

26 May, 2008

Edinburgh Castle Hotel

I have been meaning to get to the Edinburgh Castle on a Monday for their $10 roo and wine meal for quite some time. We finally made it there with Steve from work and a Canadian bloke who is here this week to deliver a training course for us. The food was really good.
I was struck by the number of young cool people in the restaurant with small children. I was feeling quite threatened by them, as they looked 'cooler' than me, the supposedly young hip person with NO children, and there they where, with their tiny kids, looking 'cooler' than me!!! What am I doing wrong?
One other thing, I remember when I was small and living in the eastern suburbs, even I knew that the Edinburgh Castle was a really rough pub, where you could get knifed and stuff, so how come now it is suddenly a family pub?

22 May, 2008


Ok, so I have made a decision. I have decided that the list at the bottom of my blog will be only movies I don't already have. So you may notice it is now a fair bit shorter. Thanks for you your input on my question!

The commune

Steve, Neil, Jo and I went for lunch today at the Commune. The place looked great, the food was OK and company was excellent

13 May, 2008

getting there

I have finally nailed Neil down long enough to pick the photos he wanted in the book for steam and stuff, so we are nearly there!!!!! Only a final read through to go, then it can get sent off.

08 May, 2008


Lets face it, no one likes the dentist (poor bloke) and I knew I'd better go since last September when the filling broke. It has been driving me mad ever since, what with the food and the gap etc (enough detail, I don't want to gross you our too much). But I have been now, paid my money and had the thing fixed. I'm trying to decide now if I would be able to take a photo inside my own mouth. I'm thinking not, so you will have to live with out! :)

03 May, 2008


Isn't it pretty
shall thing - finished!
This would be a good thing in terms of general finishing of projects, except that I bought more wool and another new pattern to make a vest with yesterday. oops!