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24 August, 2008

alphabet *2

So, not only am I going to complete this task, I am going to have done it twice!!! I have already made one alphabet sampler (no pictures because of camera being at the camera vet, but I will provide some soon) I am nearly finished a second one!! Yay me :) One (the finished one) has cute dogs on it, the other I bought last year in Skye.


Apparently, the last Harry Potter novel has been out for ages now, and I kind of didn't notice. The only reason I found out about it was cos a friend of mine came to ask if they could borrow it.....
Any way, purchased now and I am reading away :)

one last bit of cloths

  1. two pairs of socks I should never have bought, cos they are too big (one was even still in the packet)

10 August, 2008

She's Finished!!!!

I'm very happy with her, she has only taken two years, and now she is done :)

Happy me :)
P.S. She is Lavender & Lace's "Celtic Summer" by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum.

04 August, 2008


done ! Only 2 to go. At least they are purchased now!


Yay, we got there, me and my little family. We went to the snow, for the dogs only, as they aren't allowed anywhere with decent ski-able snow, yesterday and it was great. Clara completely buggered herself, Molly want that fussed, Neil froze his fingers off throwing snow balls for Clara and I took the photos! We also dirtied 5 towels trying to keep the car clean on the way home.

Here are the photos

02 August, 2008

progress at last

I went and bought the backing and batting for my quilt today. I have also added the edging. Now all I have to do is stretching and quilting. Yay :)