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27 June, 2008


This is a restaurant I pass every day on the way to work. So I decided to add it to the list. It was a little more expensive than the restaurants I normally frequent, and French, but the food was lovely. Neil had the roo, Scott had the duck and I had the lamb. So in a way we were dining with Shaun, Donald and Skippy for dinner too!
The only downer on the evening (apart from the small child who parents gave it a harmonica to play with at the table, I mean who does that? What kind of drugs were they on? This is a really flash looking restaurant/lounge/bar for gods sake!) was desert. I had the moose and if was frozen in the middle. I'm fairly sure it wasn't supposed to me and it was a bit disappointing :(

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beesknees said...

ug, small children should not be allowed in expensive restaurants. A frozen moose does sound very scary, and quite inedible, ha ha