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08 July, 2008

coths disposal

I decided to go through all my cloths and throw out the stuff I am never going to fit into again. I have decided only to count the first one of things I threw out, otherwise I don't think that would be the 'spirit' of the throw out 101 things.
  1. Shoes - one pair of sandals
  2. Jacket - just the one, size 12, lovely, but double breasted, so it dosn't fit the 'rules' for me
  3. t-shirts - 6 (doing well)
  4. Pants - 8! Wow. Most of these have gone to Kate
  5. Skirts - 6, one for Kate
  6. shirts - 4, all thread bare and years old
  7. shorts - 0 at this stage, but it's too cold to try them on
  8. other - 1, hmmmm, I actually did this a week or so ago, and I have already forget on what this one referred to, but it's out-a-here too.

So, all this stuff is off to the op shop, now all I have to do is get it there!!!

1 comment:

beesknees said...

hmm ,I should really do this too, but sounds painful