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08 February, 2008


i love sheets. They are so pretty, and nice ones feel so good when you first put them on the bed, you know, before the dog gets in and puts grit everywhere.
In the past I have tended to buy cheap sheets cos they look so nice in the shops, be then after a few washes they are never that nice. But because of my prolific buying for a short period I have lots of sheets that don't 'coordinate'. So now, I'm only allowed to buy stuff that matches the existing stuff. But I really need to work out what i 'need' ie: a fitted sheet in this color, two pillow cases in that color etc etc
Yep, thats right Anal!
P.S. you might note that as we get towards the end of the list, some of the tasks leave a little to be desired. This is one of those tasks.....

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