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04 March, 2009

Justin came from here

Went Kate wanted a cat we went out to the Australian Animal Protection Society in Keysbrough. When we got there, there were so many cute cats, I decided I needed to get one too (Yes I am that hopeless). Both the cats were already microchiped and we were meant to make a donation, on top of their purchase price, for the microchip. Neither of us could afford this. At the time I said to my self, "I will make a donation when I have a proper job and spare money" I now know that even when you have a proper job, there is no such thing as spare money..... It's taken me while but I have made my donation.


Wow, I didn't think I'd ever make headway on this one, but I was having a conversation at work the other day and someone said they had noticed I had been putting in a lot of effort on this! Yay :) Now we just need more people to notice. It's a hard one, cos everyone notices when I'm pissed, you'd have to be blind deaf and really stupid not to, but who notices when you're not! I mean that's the point, to not be pissed, so know one knows that you are trying not to be. Oh well, keep up the good work me!

foods I don't like: Capsicum

keep trying it, still don't really like it. Its OK mixed in with lots of other food and when it's small. Yep, I'm still fussy.....


Ages ago (try more than 15 years) I bought some roller blades of a friend. I have used them probably 10 times during the intervening years. I have put them on Darebin Freecycle and they will be being pick up on Friday.
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