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27 December, 2008


Today we finally had a party, it covered:
  • Neil's 21st
  • Neil's 30th
  • Neil's 40th
  • The Garage warming
  • The house warming

Still to get the photos together, but it happened, I promise!! The were guests, beer, a spit and everything!

20 December, 2008

Panama food barn

For some reason, Neil's work, which consists of about 3.5 people, feels that it is necessary to have 4 Christmas meals. One lunch with their whole board, one lunch with the chair and the Secretariat, one dinner with the Secretariat and their other halves and a breakfast. These are usually spread over a two week period, but still, I personally think it's a bit over kill. Any way Chirstmas event number 3 this year was at the Panama Dining Room. This is a great big food barn, which is really noisy, half bar, half restaurant. The food was excellent, Neil and I both really enjoyed our meal. We had an extra side dish of Heirloom tomatoes, with was also fantastic. I had a yummy veal meal, Neil had waghu beef. It was a little bit more expensive than I am used to, but really when you think about it, quite good value. Some of our fellow dinners had 'issues' with the service, but given the type of restaurant, I thought it was really very efficient service. The lady was far from cheery but she did her job fairly well.

15 December, 2008


I am now enrolled in my pattern drafting course! I am very excited! It is a whole year long course. It runs, in theory, every Friday. The people running it are changing the way they run their business from now on, and this is the last year they will delver course like this. Also there looks like only being my in the Friday course (they also run a Saturday one) so I can just work with the lady and I might not ending up missing as much work as it first looked like. I am very exciting!