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15 March, 2008

I feel so much lighter

I have started the throw out. I think it is going to be harder than I thought, but I feel better about it than I was expecting, at least so far anyway.
Here is what I have thrown away/op shopped/giving Mum or Kate a go at taking before it goes out so far:
  1. eye thing from flight to/from the UK
  2. broken straw hat
  3. Priceline Club card
  4. Tiny jam jar from out UK trip
  5. Op shop bag that has been in my room for MONTHS
  6. Buzzy bee bag
  7. Neutrimetics handbag, it was free
  8. $1 handbag
  9. Devil costume (tail and horns)
  10. 4 drink bottles
  11. dog chewed torch
  12. 2 x cool tall but useless bottles
  13. tamagotchi
  14. freeze dried hike food, found in cupboard (used by 1995)
  15. glass jar, find of cool, never used (regularly anyway)
  16. GCC show bag
  17. tiny useless basket (held cards and post cards, not use where to put them now)
  18. crappy ring I found on the ground
  19. broken Mickey Mouse talking alarm clock
  20. odd plastic containers, with no lids
  21. Bike Vic lanyard

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