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31 January, 2010

short month

Given that tomorrow is the start of the shortest month between now and the end of my challenge, I declare it to be dry month.


  1. three shirts - these are now all too small, and even though I made one, they have to go.
  2. two dresses - again, even though I made one, they are both too small, and have to go
Maybe this will get me more motivated to practice the skills from task 13 and get moving on task 24.

review is complete

The finalisation of the last task, for the last time, marks the completion of my second (and final) mid term review om my list!
Now, onwards to the end of my challenge in 275 days!

Final task change

Old Task: Invite Rowan round for tea
New Task: Read "The Picture of Dorian Gray"
I was at a party last night and discussed this story last night and was reminded that I have always meant to read it. Remembering I had one last task to replace I decided it was an opportunity. This means this task goes from general to entertainment.

surprise ending

last night I watched the last episode of Farscape (I had watched all the other episodes too, I didn't just skip to the last one). I'm still not sure if I liked the ending, which I obviously won't tell you anything about, except to say that it shocked me! On the whole I have to say there series took me a while to get in to, but I really liked it in the end.

22 January, 2010


This was a very pleasant surprise. We went here this evening, because we could get a car park close to it, I actually wanted to only go to the chemist that was near by.
The place is very flash looking and I was thinking it would be fairly expensive, but it turned out to be very reasonable. After I saw the prices my expectations for the food went down, but I was really surprised. I had the steak and it was GREAT! There were hardly any crappy bits and it was a really good amount of food. I will defiantly go back again another time.

17 January, 2010


Ok, so this angle:meringue The Pie looks great!

Unfortunately, after removal of the pan and paper, it didn't look so great.
lemon meringue soup
I think the issue was that the recipe was designed for one of those pans with the low crinkly edges, and I didn't have one of those. When my lemony stuff in the middle didn't really set properly, there was nothing to hold it all up. On the plus side, even thought it looks more like lemon meringue soup, it was really tasty!

13 January, 2010

New task!

I have decided what this task is, but I am not going to tell you yet, cos for some of the people who read this, I want it to be a surprise! Yes it is staying a travel based task.

I feel lighter

  1. Crappy old cheep arse Asian inspired jewelery box that I have had for years that Dad abandoned in some student accommodation years ago. I was only keeping it at all because I had no where else to keep my jewelery
  2. one pair of earrings, that even though I made, I don't think I have ever warn.
  3. three necklaces which although I loved them when I was 15, I have grown out of a bit. I gave them to my bosses boss at work for his two under 10 daughters. He thinks they will love them! A good out come all round.
This weekend, if we don't end up going to Beaufort, I will be chucking out some clothes, again.

08 January, 2010

This is a quote from Paul:

Don't be afraid to add new goals, and don't be afraid to discard old ones. Life is a process of continuous change, and there's no shame if your priorities or circumstances don't remain static. However when evaluating your goals, try to be aware of why they're changing; that can often reveal insights into yourself you may not otherwise notice.

I like it and think I should bare it in mind for my list.

05 January, 2010


So, because of the approaching deadline for my list, I have slightly re-worded this task to include a few food based events we have already had, to help me get this one ticked off a bit faster.
First this event was a mostly impromptu gathering of people to eat some of Neil's yummy Mexican. Yum!
Then there was Neil's 21st/30th/40th we held in December last year, which I only just now realised I never did a post about after the event. It was a great party, we had a spit and a keg, many guests and a great time. There were a few people that didn't turn up or even respond to the invite, but they were the ones who really missed out so boo-hoo to them.


I went to Mrs Parma's again last night for dinner. I was a bit of a spur of the moment thing. I happened to be walking past it with my caching buddy and we were both hungry, so in we went.
Anyway on to the food. On the whole the best words I can use are "It was only food". There was nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't anything out of the box. The only redeeming feature of the evening was that they had pear cider on tap, that was great, if expensive. I don't think I'll be hurrying back, at least not for a meal.

01 January, 2010

foods i don't like: Lettuce

lettuce other than iceberg any way. I know I am totally fussy when it comes to lettuce. I will generally not order any salads in restaurants, even thought they are usually a 'healthy' option, as I hate so many sorts of lettuce, and people think it's soooo trendy to use all the non-iceberg varieties. Lately I have been trying some other sorts, and (drum roll please) have been slightly softening my 'only iceberg' stance. Here are my conclusions:
  • Iceberg: original and still the best
  • Cos: with dressing, with out the last 2 inches of stork peole always seem to include with it, it OK
  • Rocket: Still a big NO, it tastes like dirt
  • Red lettuce: it's ok, in SMALL (and I mean small) quantities
  • other crinkerly green lettuce: with dressing in small amounts
  • stuff that looks like weeds I grow in the back yard: Still NO

Lead lighting

Mum used to do this, and I have always thought it looks cool, or at least has to potential to. As my house isn't 'period' I think I would have to be very careful with how any lead light was implemented, other wise it could look a bit .... dumb. But there is no harm in doing a course. Here is what I am thinking of going with. I am also thinking I might change one of the other 'course' task to this (cool glass bead making!).