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20 December, 2008

Panama food barn

For some reason, Neil's work, which consists of about 3.5 people, feels that it is necessary to have 4 Christmas meals. One lunch with their whole board, one lunch with the chair and the Secretariat, one dinner with the Secretariat and their other halves and a breakfast. These are usually spread over a two week period, but still, I personally think it's a bit over kill. Any way Chirstmas event number 3 this year was at the Panama Dining Room. This is a great big food barn, which is really noisy, half bar, half restaurant. The food was excellent, Neil and I both really enjoyed our meal. We had an extra side dish of Heirloom tomatoes, with was also fantastic. I had a yummy veal meal, Neil had waghu beef. It was a little bit more expensive than I am used to, but really when you think about it, quite good value. Some of our fellow dinners had 'issues' with the service, but given the type of restaurant, I thought it was really very efficient service. The lady was far from cheery but she did her job fairly well.

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beesknees said...

this place sounds interesting, expect for 'food barn'.
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