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08 July, 2008


Well, mostly not that good a news on the whole, but there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. I missed out on a job that I was very keen on, may people have said they have made a mistake not picking me, but still, I haven't gotten the job. I was quite down about this for a bit.
I had to do my ePP (read: bullshit planing thingie) and this was my chance to lay it all on the line to my #$%^&* boss. I was not subtle. The odd but it I really don't feel better about it and I thought I would. Anyway, it looks like I might have a job, something that might actually be mine, for a while and mean something to people. I'm not holding my breath, just cos so far, I haven't had anything work out the way I hope with this job.
Anyway, should be some good training opportunity.