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04 March, 2010

Mr. Gray

I was out at an event a few weeks ago, and chatting with a very nice lady about all sorts of stuff, and the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde came up. This was a book I started to read of the inter-web many moons ago, when I discovered that I really hate reading off the screen, so I stopped and never got around to finding myself a hard copy. I mentioned my list to this lady and decided that finding a copy and reading it might be a good way to get rid of pesky task 96, that I remembered was still hanging around. Anyway, I forgot to write a post and tell you about this change, even though it has been up on the site for a while now.

OK, next bit of this long sager, I had to go to Sydney this week for work. I wanted to take my bag on the plane as carry on, but the pesky lady out the counter weighted my bag and it was two kilos over! So I checked it with out remembering to get my novel out of it. Oops. Oh well, just have to buy another one!

Then I remember Mr Gray, so I went to the book shop to try and find him. This task duly accomplished, with the help of the tall shop assistant, I started reading. This book is defiantly not my usual type of book and I don't think I even had the knack of Mr. Wilde's really long sentences, even by the end of the book. There were whole passages of dialog that I just couldn't work out what the people were on about. But over all, I think I liked it. It was quite a bit deeper and more meaningful than my usual novels. By the end I really was quite happy to pick up my David Eddings again though. Sorry, I'm just not that deep!

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