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19 April, 2010

history lesson

For those of you that don't know, I lived in Mildura for a year-ish for most of 2002 and a bit of 2003. Many things happened when I lived in Mildura. I discovered Peters of Kensington, bought my motor cycle and most of my pjs and put in a order for various bits of drugs from an online chemist. One of the purchases was two jars of acidophilus bifidus, which is very good for your stomach flora health. I started on one jar while I was up there and never finished it, and brought them both back with my when I returned to Melbourne.
I was good a while ago an checked the half a jar, bit since the other jar was still sealed, I kept it. Any way, today I checked it! I am obviously not going to taken them, if I haven't in the last 8 years. Also.... the used by.... it is: 13/8/2003.
They would probable be inactive now any way (the little bifidus' and things)

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