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24 April, 2010

more chucks and freecycle

FreeCycle is a cool way to get rid of stuff you have that is still good, but you can't be arsed selling it and you just don't want it in the house anymore. I highly recommend you find a local group and cruse the listings, or even add to them your self.
  1. Kate's old single bed (she gave me permission to get rid of this)
  2. 6 foot tall inflatable penguin. Sorry person who gave me this, but what were you thinking?!?!?
Other things that have gone today that were on Freecycle include:
  1. Fire mapping notes from 2006
  2. phone car charger from about 3 phones ago
  3. box of CD's and shit from my original PC, purchased in 2005
  4. A while ago, i experimented with Space Bags as a whay to save on storage space. Lets just say.... they don't work. So chucking two of these
  5. OMG I just found pay slips from 1997 and 1998! GONE!
  6. My original sunglasses (I might see if there is a place you can give glasses to, I have a feeling there is, other wise they are for the bin)
  7. my original High School calculator Canon F-600
  8. a cheep arse belt that came free with a skirt and is all ratty. I kept saying to myself, the buckle is good, I can get some leather and make it into a decent belt, but who am I kidding!
  9. 3 melty candles that are so wonky, you could never burn them
  10. a jar of Berry Fruits in Cognac Syrup, that are 7 years past their used by date
  11. 64MB of ram I found in a box.
  12. some jila mints that I have no idea how old they are
  13. my Sharp Electronic Organiser, with a whole 32 KB of memory. I think I got this is year 11 or something (~1993)
  14. some attachments for something, that are labeled: "Car Power thingies"


Anonymous said...

I know that several optometrists have a box on their counter for collecting old glasses - OPSM is definitely one of them. I don't know who their charity is, but I know some organisations send them to 3rd-world nations.

Otherwise, maybe the Fred Hollows foundation does something similar? Worth checking out.

beesknees said...

I found it very hard to part with my High School calculator. I remember how impressed we were with them when we got them. oh dear, such nerds we were (are)