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23 May, 2010

The garage

Originally I didn't have the garage at Camberwell in this task and I was focused on the the bedroom, (which let me tell you was enough of a task in itself!) but then because our garage fell down, I added the garage. Then because Neil's brother and his family decided to do major renovations, and move into the Camberwell house, the whole lot got a lot more urgent, well sort of. First of all they (the brother and family) were moving in at the start of the year, then Easter, then May, and now September. Not that this is at all surprising to me, these building thing ALWAYS take longer than expected, especially the whole bull shit council approval process! You wouldn't believe the hoops we had to go to just to replace and existing garage! But anyway I digress.
So, Neil is currently away in Queensland looking at his new engine, and this weekend the garage absolutely HAD to be clear because someone needed to park their car in there (please don;t get me started on this one else we will be here all day.) This left Scott all by himself to fix the mess that is the garage. I came around on Saturday afternoon to help him. We worked very hard, all afternoon, until near 7pm, tidying, chucking stuff out, sweeping and moving shit around until the garage looked fantastic. It would also allow, which careful parking of said car, a boat (small sail variety), kayak, and motorcycle to be stored in it.
I texted Scott today to ask how the car fit and he responded: "Xxxx was super thankful for all our hard work. She made sure to park the car in a spot that meant everyone could still use the garage. And left the keys in it saying move it when ever you need to, all is great". This made me really happy, I thought "It's so great our hard work was appreciated" That is until I actually spoke to Scott and he realised that I hadn't gotten the sarcasm in his text. Oh dear, The car was parked in a place that meant most of the garage was now unusable, Scott could not get to most of his belongings and owner of the car would prefer not to leave the keys or have anyone move her car. As for recognising all our work? Huh! Don't be silly.
At least Neil and his mum appreciated it.

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