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Start: Wednesday 6th of February 2008 End: Wednesday 3rd of November 2010

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27 December, 2010

More chucking out of stuff

  1. My year 12 formal dress. It's never going to fit again, I have no where to keep it.
  2. My lamby when when I was a baby, it's torn and worn out.
  3. my bag of socks that need darning, seriously I will never to it, I have gotten over it!

So even though this now counts this task as completed, now that I have started, I think will continue to chuck stuff out, because I seem to be doing so well at it!


Anonymous said...
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beesknees said...

wow, you have done well. I dont think I could ever bring myself to throw out my teddy, who has had to be repaired many many times, and I still have my formal dress too, although my place to keep it is a cupboard at Mums house. socks to be darned though....darned, pah!! who would even consider darning these days?