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01 January, 2010

foods i don't like: Lettuce

lettuce other than iceberg any way. I know I am totally fussy when it comes to lettuce. I will generally not order any salads in restaurants, even thought they are usually a 'healthy' option, as I hate so many sorts of lettuce, and people think it's soooo trendy to use all the non-iceberg varieties. Lately I have been trying some other sorts, and (drum roll please) have been slightly softening my 'only iceberg' stance. Here are my conclusions:
  • Iceberg: original and still the best
  • Cos: with dressing, with out the last 2 inches of stork peole always seem to include with it, it OK
  • Rocket: Still a big NO, it tastes like dirt
  • Red lettuce: it's ok, in SMALL (and I mean small) quantities
  • other crinkerly green lettuce: with dressing in small amounts
  • stuff that looks like weeds I grow in the back yard: Still NO


Super Mum said...

I dont believe it - I knew you only liked plain salad but.......
How did you get to be so fussy about LETTUCE!!!!?
Promise I wont serve up any weeds if we get to no. 67

beesknees said...

oh my, I cant believe you actually tried other lettuce!!! I reckon red lettuce is the worst one - it tastes like grass, all bitter and icky and its always limp, ugh. But I love rocket, especially with parmesan. Maybe the one you had wasnt washed, he he.