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12 December, 2010

bored = chuck stuff out

As a result of this post, I have decided I need to through some stuff out. I have decided cloths look like an easy target so here goes
  1. 5 pairs of pants (trousers for those of you that way inclined) to the op shop
  2. 9 t-shirts, to the op shop
  3. 3 shirts to the op shop
  4. two hand bags, one to the bin, one to the op shop
  5. one purse
  6. one sun hat, it's bright orange, I am never going to wear it.
  7. 4 shirts
  8. 3 sandals, 2 bin, one op shop, bye guys, I'll miss two of you anyway! Especially the red ones Clara chewed when she was a puppy, they were great.
  9. my old camera box and instructions, I only haven't had that camera for 2 years.
  10. an empty Cointreau bottle, honestly, why do I keep this shit!
  11. Do you recon Body Shop things go off? So do I and I've had the stuff I chucked out since 2002.


Anonymous said...

You kept the Cointreau bottle because it was possibly the one we bought in France for you in 2003???

Louise said...

Nah, fairly sure it was one of the ones from our UK trip in 07, and bought in Australia

beesknees said...

wow, where do have have all the space for this stuff you don't need/want?

Louise said...

Don'tforget, we live in a four bedroom house, with only two people, four dogs and heaps of STUFF