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29 March, 2010

deck tidy effort

This is only the start of this tiding effort, I want the deck back, I am sick of it being covered in crap that was in the old garage.
  1. Arlec Star lights: I bought these with the vague impression in my head, that Arlec was a quality brand. Turns out they were, and this was one of their first adventures in crap outdoor electricals. A few years ago, Clara chews a few of the wires and I was going to repair them, really I was.
  2. A rusty tin of decking oil, that is soooooo rusty the lid has not been able to be removed for quite some time.
  3. A large but short bit of pipe (diameter: Nearly a foot ~25cm, length, less than a foot) that I acquired, from a skip, quite some time ago to make into a cat house. I saw the cat house in a shot and it cost a fortune. I said, "I'd be able to make that myself, piece of piss" Anyway, the cats have not been living with me for quite a few years now, so I think it's time to let go!

I was going to include a box of hair that I have been collecting as I have been trimming the dogs, but that is mostly from laziness rather than it actually being a 'belonging'

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