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Start: Wednesday 6th of February 2008 End: Wednesday 3rd of November 2010

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17 January, 2010


Ok, so this angle:meringue The Pie looks great!

Unfortunately, after removal of the pan and paper, it didn't look so great.
lemon meringue soup
I think the issue was that the recipe was designed for one of those pans with the low crinkly edges, and I didn't have one of those. When my lemony stuff in the middle didn't really set properly, there was nothing to hold it all up. On the plus side, even thought it looks more like lemon meringue soup, it was really tasty!


beesknees said...

its the taste that matters!

Super Mum said...

Well at least you had a go!
I think I can vaguely remember making one many many years ago (back when I was sort of enthusiastic in the kitchen)and it turned out very similar