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23 December, 2009

Mid-term review 2

The end date for this project is now seeming rather oppressively close! Here we are, already, at the 2nd review of my list. (OK slightly late, what who would know unles I told them...)
Moving along, The tasks that were still in question from the last review were:
30. Make Debbie Mum Christmas decorations
38. Watch list of movies created
42. Watch all of Angel again (0/5)
64. Get a christmas tree
72. Go skiing every winter of this challenge time (if there is snow)

As tasks 42 and 64 is now done, I think we can safely say I won't be removing from the list.
Given that I haven't been skiing once during the challenge so far, I think I must replace 72.
38. is progressing, so I think it can stay.

Of my "Hard to measure" task, I have resolved half (3and15) and have now come up with solutions for the others (will post soon)

Next on to this review.....

Tasks that my not be able to be finished in the available time:
2. Visit an active volcano
8. Finish Celtic Winter
11. Acquire and Read next Diana Gabeldon book
32. Go to either Tasmania or New Zealand

Not sure what to do about these ones... I might have to look at the 101 in 1001 web site and see if it has any suggestions.

Tasks I'm just not interested in any more:
30. Make Debbie Mum Christmas decorations
55. Go on a road trip holiday with the ‘girls’
65. Pave the front Porch
72. Go skiing every winter of this challenge time (if there is snow)
82. Finish tracing Kats Calendar pics
96. Invite Rowan round for tea

I will replace the above tasks

Tasks that need a bit of thinking about:
43. Do 6 thinking hat course
44. Do lead lighting course
46. Book us into and complete a ballroom/social dancing course
60. Invite Neil's mum to tea
67. Make the effort to visit Mum and Dad 3 times a year
69. Go to 3 comedy festival events in one festival
70. Go to 3 other events at different festivals
89. Make tangible (ie: noticeable to other people) progress towards controlling my temper

1 comment:

Super Mum said...

I think you should change no 67 to some thing like have the pleasure/fun/exitment of visiting Mum & Dad..... instead of effort then it will seem easier. I know you have a very small car and 5 dogs and lots of other things to do and it really is an effort