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23 December, 2009

Mid-term review - task replacement 65

Old Task:Pave the front Porch
New Task:Insulate and re-clad the house

Our house is weatherboard. Given that both Neil and I grew up in double brick houses, we find it rather warm in summer. It also really needs painting, which is a task neither of us were really looking forward to. There fore, I went to the home show a few months ago with a mission, find out about windows, insulation and cladding. The cladding man I happened to meet up with sold steal weather boards. These are somewhat more expensive than the plastic variety (unsurprisingly), but they do last forever (well almost!). I had to be quite insistent with the man, but I decided we would rip all the weather boards off, put insulation in the walls, then have the new boards put on top. This way, the windows don't end up looking all sunken in and crap. Anyway, the job is nearly done now, and it's ended up being WAY bigger than paving the porch, so I think it's ok to replace this task with the weather boards.

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