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24 December, 2009

Mid-term review - one road trip for another

Old Task:Go on a road trip holiday with the ‘girls’
New Task:Have a road trip to SA, geocaching along the way
The group of 'girls' I had in mind for this trip isn't really going to work out anymore, so I am ditching this one.
To keep with the travel them I will replace it with a task that relates to my newly acquired hobby of geocaching!


beesknees said...

so, who were these girls anyway?
so where in SA are you gonna go? or just wherever the geocache map takes you?

Louise said...

The girls were a couple of people from work who I don't hang out with so much any more and who's priorities have changed a bit recently, all for goo reasons, but still not really compatibly with with task. SA attractions? Not so fussed so long as it includes a few earth caches. Mum has given us a few ideas as they were there recently