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10 January, 2009

Mid-term review - progress so far

OK, now that I have had a serious chance to think about it, here are the remaining out standing issues from the Mid Term Review (hmmmm do you think I can get away with making two mid-term reviews into a task? I think yes. Vote now! You have til the end of the month (see below))

These task may or may not go. I will have to have a bit of time to think about it.
30. Make Debbie Mum Christmas decorations
38. Watch list of movies created
42. Watch all of Angel again (0/5)
64. Get a christmas tree
72. Go skiing every winter of this challenge time (if there is snow)
I promise to get back to you on these soon!

These tasks are now empty and need to be replace, feel free to make suggestions:
(wow, weird about 33 and 88 both being double numbers!!!)

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