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24 December, 2009

personal development

I have learned a lot about person development and myself in the last how ever long. I spent a few months, after last years awful fire season, going to one of the work councilors. In a way this was quite helpful, if not perhaps as helpful as I would have liked. I ended up digging up a whole lot of 'family' stuff I really would have preferred not to discuss and came to a few helpful realisations with regards it. I also came to a few other helpful conclusions with regards the sort of solution to my 'problems' I have been looking for and once again, have decided not to be so tough with myself. I also discovered and acknowledge what I find helpful and unhelpful about counseling, which I think will be of benefit if I go down this path again (which knowing me I will). I have banished two words for describing myself, as they are damaging
  • Black and white --> now decisive
  • Anal --> now particular
So hopefully the people out there reading this who actually know will agree that progress has been made. As with many things in life, this task will never actually be complete, as life is a continual improvement process and no one is (or ever will be) perfect!

1 comment:

beesknees said...

yay you!
what a philosophical post.
I agree its so important not to be overly hard on yourself. Sounds like from this post you know yourself pretty well. I shall remeber to tut at you if I ever hear you saying anal again