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21 January, 2009

Motorcycle ride

So here is the route, roughly, for the motorcycle ride Neil and I are booked into do in March

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Clearly the task needs to be re-worded from 'day' ride to something else!


beesknees said...

so how do you get from home to A and from F to home?

Louise said...

We'll just ride there the day before and after.

beesknees said...

so doesn't that need to go on the map too? you're going to ride all the way to Mildura in one day?

Louise said...

no, cos it isn't part of the group ride and yes, done it before! it's only ~550km! Easily done in a day when there is only 2 people, I have done the ride 3 time, once up and back for Christmas on the bike and again when I bought the motorcycle back from Mildura for good.