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10 January, 2009

Mid-term review - task change 19

Old Wording:Spend a whole day in front of the Telly
New Wording:Host a 24 hr movie marathon

Spending a whole day in front of the telly was I used to do a lot, and found really enjoyable. Now it just seems like a complete waste of time. I'd much rather read, do cross stitch or (more commonly) play on the computer. So I have decided that if I host a 24hr movie marathon, publish the program before hand, and invite lost of people to some or all of the time, this means it's more of a social event. We'll see!


beesknees said...

true a whole day watching TV does seem like a waste of time especially given that these days there is only total crap on TV especially during the day. but you can watch TV and cross stitch at the same time. I often try reading and watching TV at the same time but have to admit it doesnt work that well - so I generally only do it when its work stuff I'm reading

Louise said...

OK, I can see now that this one needed further explanation, even in it's old form. I never watch TV, well hardly ever anyway. TopGear is about it for the moment. I was always assuming that this task would be almost completely videos (read DVD's here) so that's why changing it to a movie marathon isn't really a big change, in my head at least.