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31 January, 2009

And the winner is....

Thanks to the people who voted on my poll, it was very exciting wasn't it?!?!? The final out come is that you guys all felt that the mid term review task was a great idea (I knew you would ;)) and I have added it to the list at number 33. Happily is it now half complete, what with me having already done one! :)

So, a new task is still required for number 88, but I still think things are going along swimmingly.

Other final results from the mid-term review are I have decided to keep tasks 30 38 and 42, that I was a bit dubious about, I am still undecided about 64 and 72, I think they will go! I will continue to think about them and will probable kick them out at the next mid-term review!

Thanks again for watching ;)

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