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10 January, 2009

Mid-term review - task change 26 and 27

Old Wording:26. Plant lemon tree
                     27. Plant olive tree
New Wording:Plant a lemon or olive tree

Since the list was created, we have decided that there may be major works in the back year and also there was the afore mentioned 'issue' with the garage. So this means we now don't know what happening in the back yard, this then means that I don't really want to plant two trees in the back yard, only to find they have to go or be moved in a couple of years when we finally decide what and where we are doing things to the house in general (oh the joys of home ownership!) Anyway, I reckon I can squeeze one tree in the front yard, which won't change, so I'll do that instead.

Not sure yet what I'll re-place no. 27 with.


beesknees said...

I vote for a lemon tree far more useful in my opinion since making olives from a tree edible requires work whereas the lemons are just there

Louise said...

I'm thinking I agree, but if I put that in the front year, will people pinch them?

beesknees said...

well maybe, but usually lemon trees have so many lemons that it doesn't matter if a few get nicked. Although, a while ago I was staying at my Dads and we got up in the morning to find someone had taken every single grapefruit off the grapefruit tree (which was in the back yard). how weird!

Louise said...

Man, thats totally freaky. I only wonder about the front yard issue, cos a few weeks ago, Neil and went round looking for a tree we could pinch lemons off and couldn't find any in front yards, but could see heaps in back yards....