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04 March, 2009


Wow, I didn't think I'd ever make headway on this one, but I was having a conversation at work the other day and someone said they had noticed I had been putting in a lot of effort on this! Yay :) Now we just need more people to notice. It's a hard one, cos everyone notices when I'm pissed, you'd have to be blind deaf and really stupid not to, but who notices when you're not! I mean that's the point, to not be pissed, so know one knows that you are trying not to be. Oh well, keep up the good work me!

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beesknees said...

well, since I hardly ever see you I guess I cant comment on this, but my feeling is also that you're making progress on this. if nothing else you dont have many pissed off rants on your blog, although if you were annoyed that'd probably be the place for it - its all about finding a suitable way/place to vent I reckon