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03 June, 2009

Filing - Done, enough

Well we finally decided to purchase some off the shelf software for the catalogue of DVD's and I think this has been money well spent. This software allows you to enter the barcode of the DVD, off the packet and is searches it's DB to see if it is already there. If it is, it downloads all the information bout the movie (actors, crew, dates, packaging, regions etc) and WOW the DVD is added. If the barcode isn't there, which to be honest happens a bit, and you know, we live in Australia, and there just arn;t that many people here, you can type in the title. It then searches every instance of that title in it's DB and you can pick the entry closest to your (ie cover packaging) and change any details that differ, in most cases, simple the region! Very smart!

So as I said, done-ish, there are a few really odd ball DVD's that Neil has that I would have to enter from scratch, so I have decided to delegate these to Neil, after all, they are his, and call this task done! Now all we have to do is stop buying more! RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

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Tempewytch said...

Well done on getting this one under your belt and yes delegate the weird and wonderful ones!