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07 June, 2009


Introducing my new task 88: Have a dry month. I drink a bit too much, and I'm sure it's not helping my overall weight loss. So rather than have some poxy weight loss goal, which I would just make my self feel bad about if I never got too (sorry all those of you our there who have a weight loss goal, it's nothing personal) I think this is a better haw to approach the problem, and it's probable better for my liver too.


Tempewytch said...

Well done you - I have done this occasionally as well, basically a mini de-tox and I always feel better for it. So are you starting mid-month (as in now) or waiting until the first of a month and using that as the starting point?

Louise said...

a few years ago my other half had 'get fit or die September',which was conveniently located right before Beertober. I am thinking we (cos I absolutely can't be expected to do this one if there is another drinker in the house, especially on Fridays) might make in September, in honour of the previous health kick.